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undefinedIf you have received a traffic ticket in Bakersfield, CA, it might be in your best interest to seek the assistance of a traffic attorney to resolve it in Bakersfield Traffic Court. While paying a fine might seem like the quickest and easiest solution, it can have long-lasting consequences on your driving record and insurance rates.

According to, the average CA driver will pay $2,291 annually or $191 per month for full coverage auto insurance in 2023. One conviction or paid fine could raise that to $3,024.12 or $252.01 per month. Furthermore, these increased premiums will continue for 36 to 39 months until the DMV removes the conviction record, and your insurance company restores your 20% “good driver’s discount.”

Consider this, if convicted of a minor infraction without legal representation, it could cost you an additional $2,196.39 to $2,379.39 in insurance premiums for those 36 to 39 months. That doesn’t include the fine and inconvenience.

Hiring a Traffic Attorney Is Essential for Resolving Traffic Tickets in Bakersfield Traffic Court

An experienced traffic attorney is familiar with the Bakersfield Traffic Court system and will have a thorough understanding of CA traffic laws. 

This knowledge can be especially vital if you have received multiple tickets or are facing a more serious charge, such as reckless driving. Hiring a traffic attorney can help you resolve your traffic ticket to minimize or eliminate the impact on your driving record and insurance rates.

The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Attorney for DMV NOTS Hearings in Bakersfield, CA

At a DMV negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) hearing, a traffic attorney can present evidence and arguments on your behalf to help you avoid a suspension of your driving privileges.

These steps could include presenting evidence of mitigating circumstances, such as a medical emergency or a mistake by the officer or crash scene investigator who issued the ticket or made an inaccurate determination of fault. By removing inaccurate points, a traffic attorney could eliminate the suspension of your license. There’s also the possibility of the attorney negotiating a stay.

In addition to protecting your driving record and insurance rates, hiring a traffic attorney to represent you in Bakersfield Traffic Court could save you time and money. An attorney will handle the paperwork and legal proceedings for you and make it unnecessary for you to appear in court, freeing up your time to focus on family, work, or school. 

In conclusion, if you have received a traffic ticket or notice of suspension in Bakersfield, CA, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of a traffic attorney. An experienced traffic attorney can help you resolve your ticket, protect your driving record and insurance rates, or represent you at a DMV NOTS hearing. With the help of a traffic attorney, you can ensure your rights are protected and receive the best possible outcome in your case.

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