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undefinedExperienced commercial drivers know that hiring a traffic attorney to resolve their traffic tickets is less expensive than many think, beneficial to keeping a clean driving record and derogatory information off your Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP), keeps you in the driving seat, and out of the courtroom.

To Save Time & Money, Hire a Traffic Attorney

A minor infraction on the surface is no big deal in some situations. However, a second cell phone conviction or paid fine in CA, although only around $260, is reported to the DOT FMCSA. At the FMCSA, a second conviction could lead to a 60-day driver’s disqualification under the “serious offense” rule in FMCSA CFR 49 Part 383.51Driver Disqualifications.  

Most drivers would rather hire a traffic attorney rather than test that. Who can afford 60 days off without pay? Further, will you even have a job when you get back? The best way to avoid a second conviction is never to have a first. Hire a traffic attorney.  

simple logbook violation could lead to a $750 fine. Consult a traffic attorney. 

Whether an over-the-road trucker or coach bus driver, the commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder doesn’t earn if they are not in the seat. Typically, commercial drivers earn by the mile driven. They don’t have time to sit in court and wait for their name to be called, plead not guilty, and come back another day to wait for their name to be called and present the evidence to maintain their driving record.

Most commercial drivers see hiring a traffic attorney to resolve their traffic tickets as an investment. They know keeping a clean driving record is beneficial for a chance at higher-paying jobs at larger firms. After a moving violation conviction, if you get terminated, you could spend three years working for a small firm and 25 cents per mile until it comes off your CA MVR and your DOT FMCSA PSP.

Increase Your Chances of a Favorable Resolution—Consult with & Hire a Traffic Attorney 

Traffic attorneys know how and when to ask a traffic court judge for a dismissal. 

If, for instance, the law enforcement officer (LEO) fails to show up for your trial, a knowledgeable and experienced traffic attorney will quickly ask the judge for a dismissal. The constitution guarantees your right to face an accuser.  

Traffic Attorneys Know When a Reduced Charge Is Warranted & How to Get One

Traffic attorneys are skilled negotiators and could convince the traffic court judge to reduce a moving violation to an equipment charge or another non-moving violation, which means the driver would pay an expensive fine equivalent to a parking ticket with no record of a moving violation conviction. Not every court or judge is the same.  Some courts are willing to work with traffic lawyers to keep a commercial driver from getting a mark on their record that could end their career. Other courts will accept nothing short of the original violation so the only choice is to beat the ticket. 

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