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The Grapevine is unique because tickets issued there could wind up in Kern County Traffic Court in Lamont, CA, or Chatsworth Traffic Court in LA County. You must look at your ticket and contact a traffic attorney.

At least in thought, many people lump all lawyers into a group. This is inaccurate because many traffic attorneys accept a flat fee to resolve tickets. This concept can benefit both parties as the traffic attorney knows how much they will make, and the ticketholder knows how much their total cost will be if the ticket is dismissed.  If there is a conviction, the fine amount is still paid by the driver. 

Many drivers with tickets fail to consider the total a conviction or paid fine will cost. Granted, most minor infractions in Kern or LA County cost around $237 to $490, sometimes less than a traffic attorney. 

However, you must consider the increased auto insurance premium as part of the cost. It is by far the most significant amount for Class C drivers. 

“Drivers in the Golden State pay an average of $2,190 per year, or about $183 per month, for full coverage car insurance, according to Bankrate’s 2021 survey of quoted annual premiums.” – Bankrate, 28 JUN ’22.  

Although these auto premium rates vary depending on nearly a dozen factors, such as age, where your car is garaged, how far you drive to work or school, teenagers on your policy, and many others, this is the statewide average.

The most significant factor is your motor vehicle driving record (MVR), which the DMV maintains. You should check this three months before renewal because they are human too. It is easy to file a ticket in the wrong MVR if there is a similar name and driver’s license number.

You can quickly request the DMV remove erroneous information from your file, but if you discover an old ticket that was not resolved, you should call a traffic attorney before you drive again.

When you pay the fine on a traffic ticket that is not eligible to be held confidential with Traffic Violator’s School or you already used it for one during the past 18 months, your insurance provider will take your “good driver’s discount,” which is 20 percent of your premium, and then, they will assess the risk and raise your rate based on the severity of the violation.                                                       

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