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undefinedThe occurrence of speeding tickets on Interstate 5 (I-5 or simply “the 5”) is way ahead of Highway 99, which are the two primary sources of speeding tickets here. 

Moreover, Fresno County Traffic Court is a challenging court to avoid the points for truckers because there is currently no deals for non-points. Here at Bigger & Harman, APC, we approach every Fresno ticket to win by fighting the ticket at every step of the proceedings. 

The Myth About Traffic Violator’s School (TVS) for Speeding Tickets

Many drivers believe the age-old lure that attending TVS will get your speeding ticket dismissed. This is inaccurate - a half-truth at best. You should always consult a traffic attorney before you consider pleading guilty and accepting TVS. 

That’s correct; before you can attend TVS, you must first either pay the fine, which is treated as a conviction, or be convicted in court by a plea or at trial.  That’s definitely not a dismissal.

Then, you must pay an administrative fee to the Fresno County court clerk of around $64 for the privilege of attending, the total fine, which could be $237 for 1-15 mph over, $360 for 16 -24 mph over, and $490 for 25 mph or more over the speed limit. Plus, you’ll need to pay the tuition and complete the course in time for the school to send your certificate to the DMV.

Therefore, it could cost a driver nearly $600 for the fine and TVS. Not cheap by any means.

By the way, you’ll need the traffic court judge’s permission to attend if your speeding ticket was for 25 mph or more over the speed limit. This is rarely granted in Fresno County without the correct documentation from a traffic attorney. 

Moreover, if you used TVS to keep a ticket confidential during the previous 18 months, from conviction or paid fine date to conviction date (when you pled guilty), you cannot use it again. Therefore, if you have two tickets, it will not benefit you financially to use TVS.

You can’t use it if you were ticketed in a commercial motor vehicle, if it was any more than a minor infraction (speeding 100+ mph is a major infraction), or if it was a misdemeanor. Likewise, whenever you have a mandatory court appearance you, can’t use it.

However, when eligible and a traffic attorney recommends its use, TVS could save you around $1,500 in increased auto insurance premiums for the three years your conviction would have been public record available to your insurance provider.

This is not to say that you should never use TVS; there are certain benefits to using it when your attorney recommends it. However, not all speeding tickets are created equally. 

But if you are a commercial driver in your private vehicle, you should only use it as a last resort.  Unlike private drivers, commercial drivers are not allowed to keep their conviction confidential by taking traffic school. The point is not put on your DMV record, but the conviction for speeding or the underlying charge is there for your insurance company, the feds, and your employer to see. 

It is often much more difficult for the State to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” For these tickets, you need an experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney. So, how do you know which has a high probability of being dismissed? Ask a traffic attorney.

NOTE: Never use TVS for a “fixit” or correctable tickets like loud exhaust or no proof of insurance in possession. Take these to the Police Department where you received the ticket after you have made the necessary corrections.

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Although there are no guarantees, there are many technicalities and methods to get a speeding ticket dismissed that doesn’t require an increase in insurance premiums. Ask us for details.

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