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undefinedWhen you are stressed about a traffic ticket, you only need to consult a traffic ticket attorney to realize it is probably not as bad as it seems. Always consult a traffic attorney.

Traffic attorneys spend a great deal of time in traffic court, so they’ve seen the best and the worst. They hear every case, not just their client’s case but every case, because they never know when that knowledge and experience will come in handy to get a dismissal or reduced charge. When negotiating with a judge, it is best to know how they rule in specific situations. The only place to learn that is in traffic court.

Many people believe they can go into traffic court, tell the judge what happened and get a dismissal. Sometimes, it works. Most times, those attempting self-representation just dig a hole for themselves by admitting their guilt.

Typically, it’s much better if you aren’t even there. If you hire a traffic attorney that charges a flat fee to represent you in traffic court and go to work or school, as usual, you will most often be surprised when the attorney says, “Your case was dismissed.”

More often, though, the attorney accepts a no-point conviction from the judge instead of going to trial. Some people get angry and say, “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do I have to pay a fine?” Traffic court is rarely about guilt or innocence, but what is reasonable.

That’s why the legal system has a standard of “reasonable doubt.” Typically, it is the law enforcement officer’s (LEO) word against yours, and they usually have something to back up their accusation, like a radar gun reading or a red-light camera photo or video.

What Traffic Tickets Can a Traffic Ticket Attorney Resolve for You Without Your Courtroom Presence?   

An experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney will not require your presence in court for most traffic infractions. They can subpoena the ticketing officer’s evidence and raise the level of reasonable doubt to get a dismissal. When the LEO has better evidence than the attorney, they will attempt to make a deal.

The traffic attorney is attempting to keep your auto insurance premium from going up. Many drivers only look at the amount of the fine. The fine is usually only 25% of what you will pay. The DMV will assess negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points with a conviction or paid fine if you are not eligible for traffic violator’s school (TVS).

What Is the Benefit of Traffic Violators’ School?

You can only use TVS to keep your ticket conviction confidential from your insurance company once every 18 months and only for minor infractions. You must plead guilty, pay the full fine, tuition fee, and pay the county for the privilege of attending.

It’s a good deal if you are eligible. If not, in some cases, a traffic attorney can get a traffic court judge to approve it, conditionally. However, if you have multiple tickets, a ticket in a commercial vehicle or you already used it within the previous 18 months, you’re not eligible. 

You cannot use it to mask or hide a 100+ mph speeding ticket, a misdemeanor or felony, nor any ticket that is drug or alcohol-related. 

Therefore, if you can’t use TVS, the DMV will assess the NOTS points. Your auto insurance company will see it at renewal, take your “good driver’s discount” of 20%, and add the additional risk that comes with your conviction. 

The increase usually amounts to around $550 to $600 per year for the three years the record of conviction stays on the motor vehicle record (MVR). Typically, the cost of even a minor infraction, if convicted and not eligible for TVS, is around $1,950 for the average Californian. 

Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable traffic attorney like Bigger & Harman won’t cost anywhere near that much, and they could get a dismissal. Always consult a traffic attorney.     

You Need a Traffic Attorney to Challenge a Traffic Ticket in Inyo County Traffic Court

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