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undefinedMany drivers think, “It’s just a speeding ticket. I can represent myself, tell the judge what happened and “throw myself on the mercy of the court.” That is not a wise tactic with 100+ speeding in the Mojave Traffic Court.

What Are the Consequences of a 100+ Speeding Conviction in Mojave Traffic Court? 

A 100+ speeding ticket, to begin with, will require a mandatory court appearance in Mojave Traffic Court by you or an attorney regardless of where you live.

Throwing yourself at the mercy of the court could be very expensive. There are four consequences of a 100+ speeding conviction that could destroy your budget. Many who were convicted had to give up their new car that required full coverage because it was too expensive.   

  1. A fine of between $900 and $2,137.
  2. The two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points are halfway to a six-month suspension and twelve months’ probation.
  3. A double or triple increase in insurance premium could amount to well over $10,000 over the seven years the conviction will remain on your driving record.
  4. An automatic 30-day driver’s license suspension. In Mojave, CA, which could be very inconvenient in Mojave, CA, with fewer options for public transportation than LA or SF.

There is no option to attend a defensive driving course to mask a 100+ speeding conviction. Your conviction is public record, and your insurance provider will learn of your conviction and NOTS points at renewal. 

Experienced & Knowledgeable Legal Advice

One issue with self-representation is your lack of legal knowledge and experience. The layperson doesn’t have the level of experience a traffic attorney has in traffic court. Even other lawyers hire traffic attorneys due to the accelerated pace of traffic court.

There is no calling for a fifteen-minute recess to gather information or wait for a witness. You only have about five minutes to present your case in traffic court. An experienced traffic lawyer spends hours every day in traffic court and already has a plan of approach for your 100+ speeding ticket’s defense. 

Typically, the layperson defending themselves in traffic court will get off track or present a defense that’s self-incriminating. When they say, “I didn’t realize I was going 103 mph,” or “I was only keeping up with traffic,” the judge will often look at that as an admission of guilt.

The result is usually a conviction, “Guilty, $1000 fine, and give the bailiff your driver’s license. You won’t be needing that for the next 30 days.”   

However, when something changes, they have the experience to shift gears to a new tactic to obtain outstanding results or a reduced charge through negotiating with the judge—something very few laypeople have the knowledge or forethought to conduct.  

Likewise, it’s not just knowledge but the experience gained by being there. They know the judges’ tendencies and how they typically rule on specific cases or respond to requests for reduced charges. They know many of the local law enforcement officers (LEOs), and if they’re not in court for your trial, a traffic attorney will ask for a dismissal. “You have the right to face your accuser.”

The benefit of using a local Kern County traffic ticket defender in a 100+ speeding ticket trial is unsurpassed in deciding how to approach the defense.

Retaining a knowledgeable and experienced traffic attorney to represent you in Mojave Traffic Court is your right, but choosing Bigger & Harman is the right choice.

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