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undefinedDespite what most drivers think, it is always wise to consult a speeding ticket attorney about your situation. The circumstances around every ticket are different.

If you want to save nearly $1,500 on your fine and increased auto insurance, hire an attorney. Many people think that since the price of a lawyer is the same or more than a speeding ticket fine, why hire a lawyer? The simple answer is that the fine is usually only 25% of the total cost of the ticket. 

When you pay the fine for a speeding ticket, you will pay between $237 and $490 for speeding tickets less than 100+ mph. 

However, if convicted, the DMV will assess one negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) point for speeding under 100 mph. When your auto insurance provider discovers your conviction and NOTS points, they will take your “good driver’s discount.”       

That’s a 20 percent increase, and then, they will add the risk assigned depending on several factors like your age, where you live, gender, marital status, how much you drive, your previous driving record, and more. For speeding under 100, it is typically 11 to 15 percent. 

Given that the average California driver pays $2,065 per year, the increase will be $640.15 and $722.75 per year for three years. Speeding ticket convictions for under 100 mph remain on the driver’s record for 36 to 39 months. That could cost you between $1,920.45 and $2,168.25.

Do you still think it is cheaper to pay the fine, accept the NOTS points, and premium increase?     

Can a Traffic Ticket Defender Challenge My Speeding Ticket and Win?   

That’s the $64,000 question,” isn’t it? There’s no guarantee a traffic attorney can get a dismissal or reduced no-point conviction for your speeding ticket. However, there are many technicalities when it comes to disputing a ticket.

For instance, if the law enforcement officer (LEO) doesn’t show up for your trial, a traffic attorney can ask for dismissal since “you have the Constitutional right to face your accuser.”

What’s more, a traffic attorney can subpoena the LEO’s training record for the device used to determine your speed and its calibration record. Either of these could raise the level of “reasonable doubt,” which is the standard even in traffic court.

Additionally, if your traffic attorney doesn’t believe they could win an outright dismissal, they could negotiate a reduced no-point charge. This plea negotiation with the judge would be the legal equivalent of an expensive parking ticket, but it’s a one-and-done payment. 

There is no moving violation; therefore, there is no notice in your driving record or notification to your insurance company, which could save you between $1,920.45 and $2,168.25, as we stated above. 

It could be more if you have a teen driver on your policy or less if it’s you and your partner over 30. 

Once again, it is always wise to consult a speeding ticket attorney about your situation. Some situations have a better chance of winning a challenge in the Hanford, Kings County Traffic Court. 

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