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undefinedThe CVSA announced the International Roadchecks 72-hour blitz would occur from 17 to 19 May 2022. The inspectors will concentrate on wheel-end components, which could affect braking and stopping.  

Wheel-end components and brakes cause nearly 10% of all roadside inspection out-of-service (OOS) orders. Granted, truck brake adjustments are the cause for most, but all of these components should be looked at in the next few weeks before the CVSA International Roadchecks.   

However, since these are a significant cause of collisions and accidents, these checks should be a compulsory part of your pre-trip inspection. 

To identify a wheel-end component problem before it leads to a breakdown or emergency along the highway that requires repairs or towing. A visual inspection during the driver’s vehicle inspection report (DVIR) could detect wheel-bearing, wheel-end, and brake problems. 

Wheel-bearing or wheel-end component damage might have already started if you see, hear, or smell any of these symptoms:

  • Uneven tire tread wear.
  • Hubs that are too hot to touch.
  • Wobbling, vibrations, or noise.
  • Unusual braking or brake performance.
  • Burning or smoke coming from the wheel ends.

Wheel end components should be monitored and failures recorded. This record will give you an idea of how long these components last and when you should schedule them for replacement. However, early failures could occur. When that happens, there is usually a reason for it. You might need a qualified mechanic to determine why the component failed before its replacement date.

One of the most common reasons for early failure is improper or incorrect “bearing preload” settings. This is not a procedure that should be undertaken without training or supervision by a trained mechanic.

Even skilled mechanics have trouble getting the preload settings correct every time. Excessive preload or too much pressure will cause above-average operating temperatures, reduced seal lifespans, decreased lubricant life, and early bearing damage. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed precisely. 

A quality hub lubricant is your best protection against oxidation, corrosion, and excessive wear. However, do not try to improve the wheel-end seal by adding a silicone sealer. The seals are pre-lubricated at the factory, and adding a silicone sealer will harden and prevent the seal’s lips from meeting the axle’s surface under a load.

Check Your Truck Brake’s Adjustment During Pre & Post-Trip Inspections to Prevent an OOS Order   

According to a Trucking Info articleHow to Inspect Truck Ari Brakes – Maintenance,  “…based on your previously determined size and type of brake chamber, check Measurement 2 against the correct adjustment limit for the brake chamber. If the applied pushrod stroke is longer than the adjustment limit, the brake is out of adjustment.”

A crucial element is to inspect pre-trip and post-trip. That way, you can avoid problems with the brakes during your trip and avoid an OOS order during roadside inspections at weigh stations and, of course, during the upcoming CVSA International Roadchecks across the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Always perform a thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspection so that shortcomings can be corrected before you hit the road.

However, when you miss something the inspector at Truckee, CA, weight station doesn’t, contact a traffic ticket attorney to discuss your options. The worst thing you can do is ignore it; the second-worst might be to pay the fine and keep trucking.    

Ask Bigger & Harman About Your Option When You Receive a Violation or OOS Order at a Roadside Inspection in the Weigh Station in Truckee, CA 

Chances are the CVSA inspectors and the CHP will be set up at the Truckee, CA, weigh station on the busy I-80 up in Donner Pass during the International Roadchecks. Call Bigger & Harman, APC, at (661) 349-9300 when you have issues with a traffic ticket or violation. 

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