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undefinedA commercial vehicle driver who receives a speeding ticket in Woodland, CA, must consult with a CA traffic ticket defender.

The charter bus driver, Lyft or Uber driver, truck or other commercial vehicle driver doesn’t have the time or legal knowledge necessary to dispute a speeding ticket in Yolo County, CA or anywhere.

Many drivers get caught up in “speed traps” set up by CHP and other law enforcement officers (LEO) on I-5 heading into Northern California or headed South to one of the ports in Oakland or the LA – Long Beach area. 

While these drivers get speeding tickets for five or ten mph over the speed limit, their Class C (non-commercial) driving peers fly by at 85 or 90 as the LEO writes them a speeding ticket.

So, Why Do I Need a Traffic Ticket Defender for a Speeding Ticket?    

You need a traffic ticket defender for the same reason you cannot afford to take a day off to take the family to the beach. When you miss a load, it could mean a loss of hundreds of dollars. What’s more, you only have to notify your employer if there is a conviction or paid fine. 

You cannot afford to sit in Yolo County Traffic Court while someone else takes your load. Plus, this will not put you on good terms with the fleet manager, and one person owner-operators have no income for those court days.

When you hire a traffic attorney and get the speeding ticket dismissed or reduced to a non-moving violation, you avoid the points and the consequences of them on your record. 

Many commercial vehicle drivers only consider the fine, not the lost income, higher insurance, or possible job loss for a moving violation conviction. An experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney reminds the traffic court judge that you are just trying to make a living delivering “America’s goods” or passengers and deserve a break. And if there is no way to avoid the point with pure diplomacy, the gloves come off of someone who knows how to fight for your rights. 

Consult the Central Valley Traffic Attorney who only go to court to defend tickets about your circumstances.

Consult Bigger & Harman About Your Commercial Vehicle Speeding Ticket in Woodland, CA 

When you receive a commercial vehicle speeding ticket on I-5 just north of Sacramento in Woodland, CA, contact the office of Bigger & Harman by phone (661) 349-9300 or email.

We can dispute your speeding ticket in Yolo County Traffic Court while you “keep on trucking.” Your call or email consultation is free, and we will use a one-time, flat fee for our legal services so that you know how much it is before you hire us. There are never surprise fees or hourly charges.  

We will do everything necessary to resolve your speeding ticket and keep you informed by email, phone and text.

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