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undefinedThe Bakersfield Traffic Attorney team of Bigger & Harman, APC, can do at least seven things for you when you have a traffic ticket to resolve in Lamont, CA.

#1 – Keep You Out of Court 

In most cases, the traffic attorney will not require you to attend the court proceedings. This can save you the inconvenience of sitting through hours of courtroom time waiting for your name to be called for the arraignment and the trial, which typically take place on different dates.

In fact, it is often to your benefit not to attend beyond missed work or school because with you not in attendance, the judge can’t ask you those questions that tend to incriminate you. Say for example, it was your spouse driving the car when a camera-enforced red light captured a photo and video of your going through a red light. 

It’s obviously not you, but the judge can’t ask you who was driving because you are not there. When he asked the attorney, they don’t have to plead the fifth to say, “Well, your honor, it’s obviously not my client.”

Many drivers do the State’s job for them by stating, “Your honor, I might have been going a little over the speed limit, but I was just keeping up with traffic.”   

Oops, you just admitted that you were speeding.  

#2 – Help You Avoid Higher Insurance Premiums

You could save $1,000 or more by foregoing an increase in your auto insurance premium. 

Likewise, the attorney could negotiate a non-moving violation that would not affect your auto insurance. Typically, almost three-quarters of the expense of a conviction for a moving violation is the increased insurance premium.

#3 – Gather Evidence & Issue Subpoenas

The knowledgeable and experienced traffic attorney knows when and how to ask for a law enforcement officer’s (LEO) training record for a Radio Detection and Ranging (Radar) gun or Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) speed measuring device, and calibration record.

#4 – Has Knowledge of Legal Standards & Necessary Documentation

The traffic attorney knows what documentation the court requires for each ticket, who to submit it to, and when to submit it. They know how to write the request for information, and subpoena witnesses when required.  

#5 – Get a Dismissal 

An experienced traffic attorney knows what conditions warrant a dismissal, the legal verbiage, and when to ask for a dismissal of the traffic ticket. For example, they know that the “burden of proof” is the State’s responsibility, and when the State doesn’t prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” the guilt of the accused, the judge must dismiss the charges.

#6 – Negotiate a Reduced Charge or Lighter Penalty

For instance, when you’re ticketed for speeding 25 or more mph over the speed limit or safe driving speed given the conditions, a traffic ticket defense attorney could negotiate with the judge to allow attendance at an approved Traffic Violator’s School (TVS). 

CA traffic code doesn’t allow a County Clerk to permit attendance for speeding 25+ mph over the limit. A Traffic Court Judge’s approval is required. Many drivers think that since they would still have to pay the fine and the attorney’s fee, what’s the point? 

The point is, as mentioned above, there is a significant savings when your insurance doesn’t increase.     

#7 – Change the Judge’s Perspective

Although by law a judge must be unbiased, when a defendant comes into court without representation, the judge might think the defendant doesn’t understand the gravity or seriousness of the situation.  

Having legal representation shows the judge you are serious about challenging the ticket. 

Bigger & Harman, APC, Are Bakersfield Traffic Ticket Attorneys Who Could Assist You in Lamont Traffic Court

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We have a reputation of trust in Lamont and other Kern County, CA traffic courts.

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