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undefinedTruck driving is an industry long dominated by men. However, many women are now choosing to become truckers since it’s a viable job for everyone,  So, what’s pushing women truckers to become a driving force in this industry?

Women Choosing to Get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) & Become Truckers

Although women and men face many of the same challenges associated with trucking, there are several definite benefits to getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for those who love driving the big rigs. 

Trucker's salary (many start at $45,931* per year and can earn around $85,000 per year after only a few years behind the wheel with a clean driving record) is one of the factors pushing more women to join the industry. 

The industry is experiencing a driver shortage. According to Smart Trucking, the shortage in the US is around 60,000 and 25,000 in Canada. That means trucker's salaries should significantly increase as firms are scrambling to replace their retiring drivers. A article indicates that “The average age of an employed professional truck driver is 47 years old.”  What’s more, only 16.7% are women, but that figure is on the rise, and women truckers earn 92% of the male wage, significantly better than in many other industries. 

Trucker’s salaries have been more competitive recently and should further increase over the next few years due to the growing demand for drivers. However, whether or not there is a driver shortage is a controversial subject within the trucking industry. 

* says the average in the USA is $60,000 per year.

Women truckers may not receive the same respect from their male counterparts, but many trucking firms don’t care about their gender, only their driving record. Getting a commercial driver’s license could be an easy process with a clean driving record.

All you need is to enroll in a reputable trucker's school for a few weeks (most are eight weeks) and pass a test drive to qualify for one. Aspiring women truckers cannot miss a trucker's school that provides special offers and simple enrollment procedures. These factors motivate women to join the trucking industry to earn the trucker's salary and boost their bottom line. The tricky part for many is keeping a clean driving record after you get your CDL.

Trucker’s Speeding Tickets in California

If you’re a professional woman trucker, your CDL is essential, and any blemishes will determine your potential to get the best rucking jobs with the large trucking firms that pay significantly more per mile.

What’s more, you are already at a gender disadvantage with most fleet managers. Right or wrong, it’s true. However, if you receive a speeding ticket, you will face severe consequences that could jeopardize your potential to earn a good living. You need a lawyer to represent you as soon as you face charges of anything that makes you lose your license. 

Though most truck drivers in California consider a single traffic violation a minor problem, that’s not always how it works. For an independent, that might be correct, but for fleet drivers, not so much. Many fleet managers have a zero-defect mentality when it comes to moving violations. Therefore, even though your speeding ticket was for less than 15 mph over, it might be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” and caused their fleet insurance to rise.

Our law firm has successfully challenged multiple speeding tickets for truckers and got dismissals and no-point convictions. Whether you receive the ticket because of speeding over 55 miles per hour, or any other violations, we can challenge the ticket for you without you attending a court trial in person. 

We can help with several factors that could put your commercial driver's license at stake, including:

  • Unsafe lane change
  • Following too close
  • Excessive speeding
  • Cell phone use

A second conviction of any of these could mean a 60-day driver disqualification within three years of the first.  

  • Lane violations
  • Overweight truck
  • Hazardous Material (HM) violations
  • Red Light Tickets
  • Illegal U-turns & more

Regardless of your charge, we can help you navigate through the complex legal process and get resolution while you “Keep on Truckin’.” 

If you face charges for any traffic offense in California, paying the ticket could compromise your ability to maintain a clean commercial driver's license. Call our law firm for a free consultation with a flat fee resolution if you have any traffic violations.   

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Nathan Mitchell commented on Google Reviews, Just got a call from Mark J Bigger attorney's and they got my speeding ticket dismissed. I was thrilled and happy about the dismissal. Also on my ticket was a misdemeanor for not having a permit in California for intrastate runs. They got that reduced to an infraction. I highly recommend to contact these attorneys if you get a ticket. Well done job. Thank you again.”

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