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undefinedThe California Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) is a powerful tool for the DMV to track administrative penalties on your motor vehicle driving record. It can be an effective negligent driving deterrent system. 

Currently, in operation in California, this operator's notification and education program has proved to be a significant success. According to a statement by the CA DMV, this administrative penalty system, in combination with the Traffic Violators School (TVS) system, has helped reduce the number of traffic citations and accidents for all levels by 2.5 percent. 

The NOT System for CA Driving Records Explained

There are three levels to the NOTS program in California, in simplest terms. However, a fourth level could be triggered by a subsequent violation or collision while suspended or on probation.

Level I — Warning letter for two points in twelve months, four points in two years, or six in three years.

Level II — Notice of Intent to Suspend if a driver accumulates three points in the past twelve months, five points in two years, or seven in three years.

Level III — Order of Probation/Suspension of six months and concurrent 12-month probation if a driver accumulates four points in twelve months, six points in two years, or eight in three years.

Level IV — An accident, regardless of fault determination, during suspension and probation would trigger another six and twelve periods of suspension/probation.

That is why it is recommended that a driver consult a traffic attorney about challenging their traffic tickets even when there is a possibility of attending TVS. TVS can be an excellent opportunity to get their traffic ticket masked from public view, but it should not be used lightly, as it can only be used once within 18 months.

Has a driver been the victim of a traffic violation they believe could cause their license to be suspended or revoked? When a driver with two or three NOTS points receives another traffic ticket, a conviction could put them over the limits noted above.

Alternatively, a driver could be assessed one NOTS point when the driver was determined at fault in a car accident. If a driver has been the unlucky victim in any of these situations, it is always valuable to retain the essential services of a competent traffic ticket attorney.

One of the worst aspects of traffic tickets is the financial aspect. When a driver gets implicated in an accident that was not their fault and had no insurance coverage, a driver can owe much money. Some traffic violation offenders receive suspended driver's license fees as well as other fines.  

Minor Violations Could Still Affect Your Driving Record if Not Eligible for TVS

Even a minor traffic violation not eligible for TVS can cause a driving record with much financial strain. When a driver gets a violation that is not eligible for TVS, they will lose their “good driver’s discount” from their auto insurance if convicted. That loss of discount is 20 percent, plus the insurance company will add the increased risk, which will likely lead to a 30 percent increase or more.

One reason to retain the services of a traffic ticket attorney is that traffic violations often lead to severe consequences such as suspension of a driver's license, increased insurance premiums, and criminal prosecution. Some examples of traffic violations that can lead to severe consequences for a driving record include reckless driving, running a red light, leaving the scene of an accident, hit and run accidents and numerous other traffic violations.

Often, traffic attorneys can lower the charges in traffic court. They can also prevent a conviction by getting a dismissal or raising the “reasonable doubt” level, so the judge must find the driver not guilty. 

If a driver does not hire an experienced traffic lawyer, a driver may be forced to go to the county jail and/or receive a hefty fine for a misdemeanor offense. It is difficult to get a dismissal or reduced no-point conviction from a traffic court judge without the help of an experienced traffic attorney.  

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