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Speeding Over 100 MPH & Facing DL Suspension

undefinedMany drivers believe there are fewer law enforcement officers (LEO) in Mono County and wind up with a mandatory court date with a ticket for speeding over 100 mph. Little do they know; they could get a DL suspension for 30-days from the traffic court judge if convicted.

What’s more, many drivers think they can go to court, explain their situation to the judge, and throw themselves at the mercy of the court. That could be a severe error in judgment. Without knowing what a particular judge or court will normally do, relying on mercy for speeding over 100 mph is a dangerous game. Especially if the driver shows a lack of respect for the seriousness of their offense and the consequences when they show up at their mandatory court date for this major infraction without a traffic attorney. 

If you must represent yourself at a traffic court trial, do it when you have a first-time cell phone ticket or another minor infraction where you can ask for traffic violator’s school (TVS) if you fail to establish a reasonable doubt with the judge — although, it is rarely a good idea to represent yourself. Even attorneys from other branches of law often hire traffic attorneys to dispute their traffic tickets.

There is no allowance for TVS with a speeding over 100 mph, and the judge will likely give you a DL suspension for 30 days beginning a couple of days after your court date so that you can drive home.   

What Are the Penalties if Convicted of Speeding over 100 MPH, Besides the DL Suspension

If convicted, the judge will usually levy a “base fine” of between $300 and $500. After the ten penalties, surcharges and assessments are added, your base fine becomes around $900 to $2,500. However, that’s cheap compared to the rise in auto insurance premiums you will encounter at renewal when your insurance provider sees the conviction for speeding over 100 mph and decides to keep you as a client. Although you must have insurance, there is no law saying the insurance provider must retain you.

The DMV will assess two negligent operator treatment system (NOTS) points, which will become a part of your motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for up to seven years. That means you will pay the higher premium until it is removed. Since the average California driver now pays $2,065 per year for auto insurance as of 28 Sep 2021, according to Bankrate

Although auto insurance premiums are typically lower in Mono County, you could pay between $4,000 and $6,000 per year after a conviction of speeding over 100 mph. Yours could be significantly less or much more if you have a teen on your policy. Your best move is to contact Bigger & Harman to challenge your speeding over 100 mph in Mono County, CA

Consult Bigger & Harman, APC, about Your Speeding over 100 MPH Ticket  

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