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undefinedAn overweight truck can be a severe problem for commercial drivers in Yolo County because the judge will often ask for bail when pleading not guilty and requesting a no appearance trial by declaration. An overweight truck fine can be $1.00 per pound overweight.

If you had an overweight truck by 4,000 pounds, coming up with the $4,000 could be difficult. You might need a traffic attorney to go into court for you and fight the case in person. 

What’s an Overweight Truck in Yolo County?

One of the primary reasons for truck accidents is overloaded and overweight trucks. These accidents are often due to the driver losing control of the truck when too much weight on an axle or wheel causes a blown tire or other problems.

When the load is improperly distributed, one axle might be overloaded and cause the truck to perform erratically. An improperly distributed load is more likely to cause rollovers and multi-vehicle collisions.

When a truck, by necessity, must carry an oversized load, the driver must get a permit from Caltrans in CA and take other measures to operate the truck safely. When you had an overweight truck on I-5 without a permit, you could receive a citation from a law enforcement officer.

What’s more, any truck movement will be restricted by an Out-of-Service (OOS) Order until some weight is transferred to another truck or shifted on the truck to ensure the truck’s weight is distributed evenly. 

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 35551, Axle Weights, prescribes how much weight may be borne by one wheel or one axle and how many feet apart each axle must be to support a more significant weight. Two or three axles eight feet five inches apart may support up to 34,000. For loads heavier, longer, or taller than authorized by the CVC, which cannot be broken down, you must receive a permit from Caltrans Permit authority before driving on CA highways. 

Every county in CA has private and public weight stations along the highway. However, the vehicle should be weighted before leaving the shipping yard. Law enforcement could be waiting just outside the shipping yard. It is the driver’s responsibility to check the weight before driving on public highways in CA. 

What’s more, before entering CA, you must get a permit if you have an overweight truck. Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona have permit booths to obtain a permit before you enter CA.

However, once you are cited, you must get assistance from a CA traffic attorney.

Consult with a Traffic Attorney about an Overweight Truck in Yolo County

When you get a traffic ticket for an overweight truck on I-5 in Woodland in Yolo County, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755.

We are CA traffic attorneys whose office is in Bakersfield. We will travel for commercial drivers who need legal assistance. We use a flat fee to resolve traffic issues, so give us a call today.


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