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In this blog post, we will show you five proven justifications for hiring a knowledgeable traffic attorney to fight your traffic ticket. These five will help you to avoid embarrassment, save time and money, keep your insurance premiums from going up, avoid Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points, and prevent anxiety.

#1 — Avoid Possible Embarrassment by Hiring a Traffic Attorney

It is rarely a good move to self-represent. There are too many things that could go wrong. Sure, if you have a non-moving violation like a cellphone ticket and you absolutely must defend yourself in court once in your lifetime, do it. 

With a cellphone ticket, the only consequence of losing your court battle is you will have to pay the fine and court costs. There are no NOTS points associated with a cellphone ticket, so your auto insurance premiums will not be affected.

However, when you represent yourself and lose with a red light ticket, stop sign ticket, speeding, or other moving violations, you stand to lose the fine and incur higher premiums. Let’s say you have a traffic ticket for running a red light and you represent yourself.  

What can you do if you get stage fright or tongue-tied and cannot explain your situation? What if you take too long to get to the point, and the judge says, “Guilty, pay the court clerk the amount of $490 or arrange payments before you leave the building.”

#2 — Save Time and Possibly Money When You Hire a Traffic Attorney

Whether or not the attorney can get the ticket dismissed or reduced to a no-point violation, you will not have to go to court. The traffic attorney can resolve the ticket for you, and you can go to work or school instead of sitting through an arraignment, pleading not guilty, and possibly going back to court another day for the trial.

The first thing a traffic attorney will do is write a request for dismissal if there are sufficient grounds. If the judge agrees and dismisses the ticket, you will not pay a fine or the possible $1,500 or so for increased insurance premiums over the three years that conviction would have stayed on your record.

#3 — Keep Your Insurance Premiums from Increasing

If the attorney can secure a dismissal or even a no-point conviction, you will not get assessed NOTS points from the DMV. When there are no points, there is no rise in insurance premiums. 

The average CA resident pays $1,960 per year for insurance. If convicted of a minor infraction such as running a red light, they could lose their “good drivers’ discount,” which is 20 percent. That would cause an increase of $392 per year. 

Then, the insurance company will increase the driver’s risk category, which typically causes a rise in premiums of around 11 percent for a red light infraction, or $215.60. For a total increase of about $607.50 per year. The conviction will linger on their motor vehicle driving record (MVR) for three years, making the total cost to the driver for a red light ticket, $2,312.80.  

#4 — Avoid Assessment of NOTS Points by Hiring a Traffic Attorney  

Although a $490 fine is painful, the DMV assessment of NOTS points will trigger the increase in insurance premiums, making it an expensive proposition. That additional $1,822.80 will go to your insurance company unless you hire a traffic attorney to dispute the ticket. Is it possible the attorney will not get it dismissed or reduced? Yes, there are no guarantees. However, an attorney will not freeze up in court, they could get it dismissed entirely, and they won’t need you in court.

#5 — Avoid the Anxiety 

Given the cost of medical bills and your inability to work while hospitalized, avoiding ulcer-causing anxiety could be the best benefit of hiring a traffic attorney to resolve your traffic ticket. When you get a ticket, it can be a lot to handle. You will need to keep an eye on your mail for the court notice because it won’t happen right away. Then, there’s the arraignment and possible different court date when you choose to challenge the ticket, and you should always challenge the ticket! What’s more, there is the possibility of DMV NOTS points and insurance increases, which could cause more anxiety.

When you hire a traffic attorney, there’s no chance you will embarrass yourself by stuttering through an explanation of your alleged wrongdoing because an attorney will present your case. Plus, their outcome will likely save you money as well as time away from work. You will also avoid the anxiety of having to ask the boss for time off to go to court. 

Whenever you face a traffic court date, consult a traffic ticket attorney before you decide, it could save you time, money, points, increased insurance, and anxiety.  

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