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Much like the National mantra, “Slow Down, Move Over” law in highway construction areas, a new California law encourages drivers to “Slow Down to Get Around” waste management vehicles collecting refuse and recyclables.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) named a Refuse & Recyclable Material Collector as the number five most dangerous professions in the US, with 33 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers. Guess what? Law enforcement officers (LEO) are not on the list of top ten.

These are the top ten professions where you are most apt to die in the line of duty:

  1. Loggers and Forestry Workers
  2. Fishing Industry (remember “Deadliest Catch”)
  3. Pilots and Aerial Engineers
  4. Roofers
  5. Refuse & Recyclable Material Collection
  6. Mining Operations
  7. Truck and other commercial drivers
  8. Farmers & Ranchers
  9. Powerline Repairers & Installers
  10. Construction Workers

Why So Many Fatalities for Trash Collectors?

You can understand loggers getting hit by falling trees, fishers falling off the boat, roofers falling off the roof, and plane crashes, but why is it so dangerous for trash collectors? The BLS points to distracted drivers and speeders, which are also some of the reasons for truckers and other commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers coming in at number seven. In fact, distracted or inattentive drivers cause two-thirds of all fatalities to transportation workers.

With more and more traffic on the road, drivers are paying less attention and are distracted more by unimportant considerations like their phones instead of the road ahead. Transportation accounts for about 40 percent of all work-related fatalities in 2018 at 2,080 out of 5,250.

The new law requires drivers to perform four fundamental actions when approaching a garbage truck:

  1. Slow down or stop if necessary, to allow workers to do their job
  2. Watch for workers
  3. Examine the road ahead and behind before passing
  4. Prevent distractions — no phone use, radio changes, GPS programming, or others when approaching trucks and workers.

Likewise, it can be fatal for children and pedestrians who are not paying attention to these monstrous trucks that weigh up to 50 tons and cannot use their rearview mirror. It’s time we all take notice of the dangers posed by and to these necessary waste management vehicles.

Therefore, “Slow Down to Get Around!”

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