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When you receive a speeding ticket, it is beneficial to do a cost versus benefits analysis to determine if it makes sense to hire an attorney. When you look at it logically, the overwhelming answer typically is yes. However, there are circumstances when it might be better to pay the fine and accept Traffic Violators School (TVS) regardless of guilt or innocence. This is something you should discuss with a traffic attorney.

TVS: How Does it Help with a Speeding Ticket?

Proposition 103 was voted into law by California voters in 1988. There are many benefits to the CA people, but one is the “good driver’s discount.” Proposition 103 made it a requirement for auto insurance companies to provide a 20 percent discount to drivers with a clean driving record or no more than one minor infraction during the previous three years of uninterrupted driving experience. The insurance company must provide the discount after all other risk categories get factored.

Therefore, if you have a speeding ticket, you can pay the fine and attend TVS if you are willing to plead guilty and finish the course before the court-ordered completion date. If you are eligible, you must still pay the fine, pay for the privilege of attending, and then, pay the tuition, and finish the course.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must possess a valid driver’s license
  • You must not have used TVS to mask another ticket within the last 18 months
  • You must not have been driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) at the time of the ticket
  • You must not have a mandatory court appearance
  • You must not have received a speeding ticket for 100+ mph
  • You must not have received a ticket for a drug/alcohol-related incident, misdemeanor, or felony
  • It must be for a moving violation

Although your court reminder should state whether you are eligible, it might indicate you are eligible to attend for a non-moving violation such as a cellphone ticket or no license in possession. There is no financial benefit of attending for these tickets.

A Traffic Attorney Could Get a Judge to Allow TVS for Speeding Ticket 25+ MPH Over

Typically, when you get a speeding ticket for 25+ mph over the limit up to 100 mph, you are not authorized to attend TVS. However, an experienced traffic attorney could convince a judge to allow TVS. The judge will likely agree to it since you will plead guilty, pay the fine, and get the benefit of knowledge from the course. Likewise, a knowledgeable traffic attorney is aware of the correct wording to use in their request.

Insurance Premium Increase Versus a Speeding Ticket Fine

The first thing most speeding ticket recipients think about is the enormous fine of $235 to $2,600. However, no matter how much your fine is, it will never exceed the increase in auto insurance premium inherent with a paid fine or court conviction. The higher the fine, the higher the increase.

Your premium is based on many factors. The most significant of which is your driving record. The faster you were going the higher the fine and the higher the risk. The loss of your good driver’s discount will cost the average Californian $392 per year based on the average premium of $1,960. Then, add the increased risk, and you could have hired an attorney who could possibly get you a dismissal or reduced charge. There’s only one possible result from a paid fine: guilty!

Inyo County Speeding Ticket Attorneys

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