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California is comprised of many streets and freeways with speed limits that vary depending on factors such as traffic, road safety, and other elements. The laws used in speed restrictions also include traffic surveys to ensure the roads remain safe for all drivers, pedestrians, and motorists. It is therefore essential to follow all the road safety laws as implemented by the State to avoid receiving a speeding ticket, which may require a court appearance by you or an attorney.

Traffic Surveys and the Speed Limit

Traffic surveys in California are comprised of different speed limit laws in different spots which accompany a speeding ticket when broken. Engineering and traffic survey measurements are commonly done to determine speed thresholds. Traffic laws and policies use the 85th percentile to determine the exceeded speed which has become more controversial, hence demands for a traffic attorney. The limits on highways range between 65 and 70 mph when indicated, but never greater than what is prudent and safe.

CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22350, Speed Laws is the basic speed law in CA. It states, “No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent…”

What is prudent and safe is first determined by Caltrans when they develop and implement the speed limit, but it must then be determined by the driver consistent with the weather, visibility, road width and serviceability, and traffic conditions.

Some highways and streets in the state may have no limits posted, but the law suggests that residential and business streets should be 25 mph, secondary roads 45 mph for heavy trucks, and 55 mph for other vehicles. CVC 22348Speed Laws requires a maximum 55 mph speed limit for multi-axle vehicles in accordance with CVC 22406Other Speed Laws. All unpaved roads have a limit of 35 mph for roads that lack a posted speed limit. 

The state traffic and spot speed surveys may aid local municipalities to determine enforceable speed limits.  If you’re in court for speeding on a given road, law enforcement agencies use information from traffic surveys to support speeding citations.

The Importance of Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney 

State law demands all the cities and counties to conduct traffic surveys every five years or else the speed limits may be unenforceable in court. A traffic ticket defense attorney could determine that a survey was not completed within the required period. They would then advise their client to challenge the ticket. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney could significantly help you get a dismissal. Likewise, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums. Moreover, traffic laws are involved, and an attorney could assist in simplifying them for you.

Other benefits of acquiring a traffic ticket attorney are to help in gathering speeding ticket evidence, and the probability of dismissal or reduction of charges to a no-point violation, which would preclude increased auto insurance rates.  An attorney will help you in maintaining your driver’s license and insurance by keeping it clean from convictions.

Traffic Surveys and Speed Restriction Laws

Traffic surveys and speed restrictions are for everyone’s safety; therefore, you should always adhere to the speed limit. Hiring an attorney, on the other hand, is a crucial aspect to ensure your driving record stays clean.

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