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Should California raise the speed limit or eliminate them on some freeways? A speeding ticket can be a frustration that no one wants. It makes people want to get their representatives in government to raise the speed limits, even on the I-5 in CA. That is an argument that has been debated in many countries; therefore, there has been much back and forth on the subject.

Advantages to Raising or Eliminating the Speed Limits on I-5 

There are places where increasing or eliminating the speed limit can be done safely. Studies on roads like the Autobahn and parts of Texas and Montana are good examples. Getting cars, trucks, and buses traveling at higher speeds gets them off the road quicker and helps to relieve highway congestion. 

Cali already prohibits slow-moving, multi-axle vehicles from any but the first and second lane. Freeways with four or more lanes and moderate traffic can safely handle higher speed limits. Believe it or not, there are many freeways that fit this description in Cali, including some stretches of the I-5, 10, 15, and SR-99.

Increasing the speed limits for trucks in the second lane would clear up a lot of the bottlenecks created by slow-moving vehicles. Second-lane traffic could safely drive at 65 or 70 mph, even big rigs and buses. They would get to their delivery destinations quicker, make more money and be able to spend more time with their families because they would get home earlier. 

Six states allow speed limits of 80 mph, while 12 others have 75 mph speed limits. Seven states are now considering raising their speed limits. 

Advantages of Keeping the Speed Limits as Is

Anyone who has been on the I-5 in CA knows that high speeds are not safe at some times of the day. Early mornings and evenings, drivers traveling to and from work results in traffic jams. Frustration can occur from slowdowns and stops in traffic jams. That frustration is one of the causes of more accidents in an area with higher congestion. Higher speeds in these areas could arguably cause more accidents. Therefore, open speeds or higher speed limits would require traffic monitoring and electronic speed limit posting.

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22350Speed Laws, says the speed must be “reasonable or prudent.” That would not be the case when speeding through the cities of California. Congestion, especially on the I-5 can show why increasing speed could be fatal, particularly if speeds are not monitored to look at congested areas and set or reset the speed limit lower.

The Advantages of Hiring a Speeding Ticket Attorney

Getting a speeding ticket can cause most people to get angry or frustrated, they should consider having a traffic attorney deal with it. Traffic lawyers are aware of the debate on speed limits on the highway and possible defenses for speeding. 

They understand the area where the ticket was issued and how the traffic court judges in different courts rule on speeding cases. Many factors must be considered. They are paid to know these factors and can help. However, traffic attorneys are not as expensive as most people believe, particularly those who use a flat rate rather than an hourly fee.

The debate on why speed limits are needed will likely continue for the foreseeable future, though there is a bill in the California Legislature to lift speed limits on multi-lane freeways. 

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