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Is the electronic license plate the trend of the future in California? California is initiating a test program where up to 177,000 car owners within the Golden State may voluntarily add an Electronic License plate to the rear of their vehicle. Although the state could potentially make millions in revenue by selling advertisements for these plates and save millions of dollars not having to produce and mail metal registration plates, none of that will make it cheaper for car owners. According to an article by New Atlas, Electronic license plates introduced in California, those new plates will cost nearly $700 initially and another $7 per month in service charges.

The advantage of the electronic plates, which emit a wireless signal to the plate through the auto’s electrical system, is that not only will people be able to register their vehicle electronically but also pay parking fees, flash signs of impending road hazards to cars following, track stolen vehicles, and even track mileage.

Concerns About Privacy and Law Enforcement

While the electronic license plates are seen as a great convenience for its designers and the state, privacy advocates worry in the future that nearly every state will mandate electronic plates. It will be possible to set up remote tracking systems that not only automatically catch speeders but enable the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to track virtually anyone driving a car and report their location.

If electronic license plates become mandatory, they ask, "What's to protect a person from unwanted electronic surveillance?" Does an electronic license plate violate the citizen driver’s fourth amendment rights? Could it be a source of “unreasonable search and seizure”?

According to Forbes Magazine, the electronic license plate will be available in 8 states in the nation by the end of the year, and it's conceivable that some “think tank” in Washington already has a study available on how to track any of these plates.

Traffic Tickets Are a Financial Problem for Many in California

Like other states, California has a point system in effect for licensed drivers. Get too many points in a one, two or three-year period, and you stand to lose your driving privileges for a minimum of six months. Commercial truck drivers need to be particularly careful, as they acquire one-and-a-half points for every minor infraction or at-fault accident and three points for all major infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies in their commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Plus, they face FMCSA and possible employer sanctions.

Consider Hiring a Traffic Attorney to Represent You While Challenging Tickets in LA

Many law enforcement officers (LEOs) make mistakes or violate the driver’s rights when issuing tickets. Plus, there are always technicalities and elements of law that must be proven by the state within a “reasonable doubt” to establish guilt. An experienced and knowledgeable traffic attorney can successfully contest whether the officer complied with the CA Vehicle Code while ticketing you.

Secondly, attorneys are not as expensive as you might imagine. In fact, many of California’s exorbitant fines and increased insurance premiums are double an attorney’s fee. Plus, when you pay the fine, you are admitting guilt. When you hire an attorney, the statistical odds favor the ticketed driver. Ninety-five percent of drivers with tickets who hire a traffic ticket attorney get a dismissal or reduced charge. The reduced charge is often in the form of a no-point conviction, which keeps their auto insurance premiums and “good driver discount” intact.

Bigger & Harman, APC have successfully represented more than 2000 Central Valley and Greater Los Angeles County drivers with favorable results. Their track record in and out of traffic court is impressive.

Traffic Law Attorneys Who Regularly Practice in LA County

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Give us a call to discuss your circumstances. We have helped thousands of Californians get dismissals and reduced, no-point convictions, which helped keep their “good driver discount” and save on average $1500 in increased auto insurance premiums. Although we cannot promise the same result for you, we offer affordable flat rates and consistently superior legal service.

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