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Since most of us aren’t ready even to be pulled over or get a traffic ticket, the real question here is how soon will these be ready for deployment in real-world situations? Of course, several other items come to mind. Such as, how much would these robots cost? And, how many could even wealthy cities such as Los Angeles employ?

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Figure 2 YouTube Video of the Go-between Robot provided by SRI International

This concept, if and when used, would be beneficial to both the driver and the law enforcement officer (LEO). For one thing, it would take most of the emotion out of the situation, and reduce stress for both parties. Likewise, the LEO wouldn’t have to worry about getting shot or run over with a “Go-Between.”

According to the narrative, nearly 50,000 traffic stops occur every day across the USA. These robots could prevent injuries and deaths to both the LEO and the motorist, and as the developer and inventor Reuben Brewer said, “I’d be absolutely thrilled for this robot to save even a single life…”

We certainly have all of the technology required to make this possible, webcams, laptops, printers, and remote signature pads just as in the grocery store check-outs. The only drawback for most communities is the expense. Moreover, wouldn’t the prevention of even one death be worth the price of these robots?

Of course, most of this technology assumes the driver will comply with and follow the LEO’s instructions, which is part of the problem. Nobody wants a ticket. The employment by the robot and the tire spike strip will aid somewhat in getting the motorist to comply. Possibly the most crucial element of the “Go-between” is to minimize the possible emotional confrontations inherent during a traffic stop.

The Essentials of a Traffic Ticket Stop

What many motorists fail to understand is the LEO is just doing their job. Sure, some get more involved in the process than others, possibly due to the anxiety produced by the possibility of getting shot or run over every time you approach a stopped vehicle.

Every driver should by now be used to the LEO’s questions. “Do you know why I pulled you over?” That’s an easy one, right? Whether you know or not, the answer should be “no.” Then let the LEO tell you. When the LEO asks, “Can I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance?”, it would be best if you said, “Yes, those are in my glove compartment or wallet, etc. I am reaching for those.” Letting the officer know what you are doing will save a lot of guessing on their part. The last thing you want is a person with a gun guessing what you are reaching for in your glove compartment or pocket.

Then, regardless of the reason for the stop, the LEO will issue a ticket, or they won’t. Keep the emotion out of the stop, do not argue with the officer. Whatever you say to the LEO will only make it more difficult to challenge your ticket. Just sign your ticket and move on.

Many drivers still believe that signing the ticket is an admission of guilt. It is actually a written agreement to resolve the ticket or appear in court. You will have time to consult with your spouse/partner and a traffic ticket attorney before your court date. California traffic courts are notoriously backlogged on traffic tickets and take a month or more to process your court date.

This backlog benefits the driver. Since traffic courts are backlogged, it is easier for your attorney to get the approval of a request for dismissal or reduced charge. Ninety-five percent of contested traffic tickets result in one or the other when the driver hires a traffic attorney.

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