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When you get caught speeding in Riverside County, as a commercial driver’s license (CDL) holder, you need legal representation that understands the consequences of a speeding conviction. Not only are there penalties in CA, but those truckers and bus drivers involved in interstate transportation face discipline under the Safety Measurement System (SMS) in the way of Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) points, and then, quite likely some form of fallout from your employer.

CSA Points for Speeding  

The CSA assesses three levels of severity points for speeding. A CDL holder and their carrier will get assessed four points when convicted of speeding six to ten mph over the limit; seven points for speeding eleven to fourteen mph over the limit; and the maximum of ten points for “excessive” speeding, or for any speeding conviction in a construction zone with workers present. 

These severity points can get multiplied by three with a similar violation within the last six months, or two within six months to a year. Those points will stay in DataQs for 24 months for a carrier and 36 months for a driver. 

A carrier’s points get adjusted due to exposure when the SMS applies its formula. Several factors affect the final percentile, including number and type of vehicles and miles driven. For instance, flatbed truckers and combination vehicles get allowed more leeway due to the complex nature of their profession and the many violations. 

A percentile of 75-100% for a carrier will trigger their DOT number and all the drivers under that number for more frequent roadside inspections under the Inspection Selection System (ISS). There are three divisions of the ISS score. 0-50% is “rarely inspect,” while 51-74% equals “occasionally inspect,” 75-100% equals “always inspect.”    

FMCSA Serious Violations & Disqualifications

When a driver gets two or more serious violations within three years, the FMCSA can issue a 60-day disqualification and a third within years of the first will lead to a 120-day disqualification. Remember,  any speeding in a construction zone is a serious violation. 

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program in CA is administered by the DMV. An employer can request a pull notice for a candidate they are considering for hire within 45 days of the hire date. Once hired, the employer will receive a pull notice annually on the anniversary of employment or date of the request. 

CDL and permit holders must notify their employer within 30 days when convicted of any traffic violation greater than a parking ticket. Even when currently unemployed, CDL/CLP holders in a CMV or private vehicle must notify the licensing state of the conviction according to Title 49 of the CFR, Part 383.31

Riverside Traffic Court

The traffic courts at Banning, Corona, and Riverside in Riverside County, CA accept payment for traffic tickets online and advise drivers that speeding tickets for 1-15 mph over are $238, 16-24 mph over are $350, 25 or more mph over, up to 100mph are $490, and 100+ mph could cost $900-2600 and  require a mandatory appearance. Consult a speeding ticket attorney before you pay.

Although CDL holders rarely get a ticket for 100+ mph, either in their CMV or private vehicle, everyone should consult a speeding ticket attorney before paying their fine to Riverside County. There are many technicalities and circumstances for which a speeding ticket could get dismissed or reduced to a no-point violation where you might still have to pay fine, but no points get assessed. Therefore, it is basically the same as a parking ticket.     

Speeding Ticket Attorneys Who Practice in Riverside County

When you get a speeding ticket on I-5, 10, or 15 in Riverside, you need a speeding ticket attorney. To consult with speeding ticket attorneys who practice in Riverside County, call Bigger & Harman at (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español (661) 349-9755. 

We are familiar with the consequences for a CDL holder ticketed for speeding or any traffic violation. We service only clients with traffic tickets and proudly serve truckers and other CDL holders who deliver what America consumes. Give us a call to discuss your situation, today.

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