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Driving in California on a suspended license is no joke and you will be arrested if found doing so. There are several reasons that a California driver may have their license suspended: negligent, reckless or incompetent operation of a motor vehicle, being in a car accident without proof of insurance, unpaid tickets or failure to appear in court. Once you’ve had a suspended license, and have been found driving, knowing that your license was suspended, you could be subject to a number of penalties and punishments. For a first offense you could spend from five days to six months in jail and fined from $300 to $1000. If the offense is within five years of a previous offense, it’s considered a multiple offense and could result in jail time of 10 days to over a year with a fine of $500 to $2000.

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The consequences of driving on a suspended license could definitely not only affect a driver’s immediate ability to keep a job, especially if they have jail time, but could also keep commercial drivers from being able to work for a very long time. Once a suspension is violated and the conviction has been established, the ability to sort out a future commercial driving license gets more complex and difficult to work toward. Regardless of your perceived guilt or the circumstances, it is always the right thing to consult with a traffic attorney to know your rights and accurately assess your situation before it gets out of hand. Our attorneys understand the law, as well as the hoops that prosecution must jump through to prove the laundry list of facts that the court has to establish before being able to prove that a driver actually drove on a suspended license with knowledge of said suspension. We won’t take your charges lying down, and neither should you.

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