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Commercial drivers accused of having hit a pedestrian or property and then having run afterward without reporting it to the police need to understand exactly what legally constitutes a “Hit and Run.”

Legal Definition of Hit and Run

If you and your vehicle are involved in an accident with a fixed object, another car, or a pedestrian and you leave the scene of the accident without checking to see if help is needed or without identifying yourself, that is considered a Hit and Run. You can be charged with H & R even if you were not the original cause of the accident. All parties involved in an accident are required to interact with the incident appropriately. If the person committing the Hit and Run is accused of additionally injuring or killing a person, they could also be charged with a felony. Leaving the scene of property damage with no bodily injury is usually only considered a misdemeanor.

Consequences of a Hit and Run

Conviction of Hit and Run starts out with an automatic suspension of the driver’s license for 6 months, which could be extended into a revocation for 3 years. The severity of the remaining penalties largely depends on the type and seriousness of the damage or injuries. For minor damage or injuries, the driver could be charged with a misdemeanor with penalties of up to 1-year jail and and/or $1000 fine. In the case of a felony charge when death has occurred, imprisonment of 3-4 years and up to $10,000 fine is a possibility for the convicted driver. This also has the additional effect of losing work as a driver, perhaps indefinitely. Additionally, the convicted driver should expect to be sued by the injured parties. None of these consequences will make the driver a good insurance bet,

It’s Never Hopeless When You Call Us

An experienced traffic attorney called in from the start can sort out the misinformation, see that the driver’s rights are honored, and question the evidence before impressions are set. It’s important to not allow confusion and emotions to cloud the issue and create circumstances that complicate the process of finding justice for all parties. Statements and actions taken early on can make all the difference in future decisions and opportunities. We’ll know how to get the real facts and make sure the driver is treated with objective fairness. We know the law and will defend our clients vigorously with it. We hope our clients never have to go through this nightmare, but if something does happen, we’ll be there with them from beginning to conclusion. Give us a call if you have questions about how this process works.

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