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If you can’t imagine how some people could allow themselves to drive over 100 mph under any circumstances, then you probably haven’t been hours from home, driving through the Mojave Desert with little traffic for miles around on a clear day. Most truckers have no trouble imagining this scenario. There’s not a lot to look at out there and after a long day all you want is to be where you are going. This is a good time to plan ahead with audio books, a great satellite radio service or to be armed with a killer mp3 set on your device. You’re definitely going to be tempted to speed at some point, and cruise control is your best friend when that happens. California takes speeding very seriously and going 100 or more mph can be a sure way to cost you a lot of money, lose your license, and even affect your job in a hurry.

Temptation Sometimes Win-Speeding 100+ mph

Although most people realize that driving over the speed limit is not an awesome way to make friends with the local CHP officer, anyone can forget or get caught up with temptation. When you don’t see any cars or cycles on the road for miles, and believe you are indeed alone, just know that there are many ways police in California can determine your vehicle’s speed and you won’t always see it coming. From radar, to laser readings, pacing the distance of moving cars to objects can each have problems with proving their accuracy. Plenty of tickets are handed out after being tracked with a helicopter and then timed with a stopwatch by a car at some distance. Again, this is a dicey way to prove a speed infraction in court, and our lawyers know how to deal with all the issues regarding these techniques for speed determination. When those times happen, you don’t want to handle the fallout alone. 

Avoid the Pain of Going It Alone

Whether it’s in Los Angeles County or near Barstow, speeding over 100 mph can bring severe penalties. Even for a first-time offense the max fine is $900, with fines otherwise up to $1000. Additionally, you will be awarded a 2-point violation, a mandatory appearance before a judge, possible suspended license, and no eligibility for traffic school.We defendtruckers with 100+mph tickets like no one else will. We get results, and you can be sure you will get the best result when we are on your side. 

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