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It’s commonly known that proper brake function is essential to safely operating Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs). Constant brake maintenance and performance is not only important for road safety and human lives, but for the life of your vehicle and prosperity of your business. Every year there are unnecessary accidents causes by poorly maintained CMV brakes, causing loss of lives, public and private damage with financial hardships to companies and individuals.

Truck Owners Have Been Forewarned About Brake Safety

Several times each year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) conducts events to focus on enforcing brake safety with the intention to reduce brake-related crash frequency, making the roads safer by removing unsafe CMVs from the road. Through these enforcement initiatives, the CVSA hopes to educate all owner-operators, truck drivers, and mechanics regarding the legal requirements for brake safety. In the most recent brake-fitness enforcement event held last April 2018, over 10,000 United States inspections yielded more than 1,500 CMVs being declared legally out-of-service due to brake violations. This didn’t need to happen- if only those drivers and operators took the time to prepare for the inspection day.

Don’t Be a Statistic- Be Prepared for Your Inspection

Brake Safety Week, Sept 1-22, 2018, will soon be upon us again and truck operators need to make sure their Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) are able to pass inspection or else risk the consequences of their vehicles being declared out-of-service. The 37-step inspections will focus on brake components, proper installation, maintenance and current condition. The CVSA inspector will examine, not only the CMV, but driver operation as well. Be sure there are no loose or missing parts, no air or fluid leaks, rotors in bad condition, or worn linings, drums or pads. Other conditions that will be checked include: air chamber sizes over axles, brake warning devices, measurement of pushrods. 

With prior notice of these inspections, there is no reason to fear having your vehicle declared out-of-service. There’s still time to have a thorough check performed on these systems. Contact us if you have questions on any part of this inspection.

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