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When you get cited for a speeding 100+ mph ticket in the Mojave, there are many legal consequences most drivers don’t realize. The cost and inconvenience will start even before your mandatory appearance. That’s correct, unlike most other speeding tickets, a court appearance is necessary by you or your attorney. Therefore, to avoid the added expense and disruption of your work schedule, you should consult with a traffic ticket attorney right away.

A conviction for speeding 100+ mph is very costly and inconvenient. The fine alone can range from $900 to $2500. But, the fine is just the start of the financial burden after a conviction. The DMV will assess two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points after conviction. And, the judge has the authority under CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348, Speed Laws to automatically suspend your driving privileges for 30 days.

Speeding 100+ MPH & Your Auto Insurance

NOTS points add up more quickly than you may realize, especially for speeding 100+ mph. If convicted, the DMV’s assessment of two NOTS points puts you halfway to a six months suspension and concurrent 12-month probation. Plus, those two points will stay on your motor vehicle driving record for seven years.

What does that mean to your auto insurance premiums? Well, when your insurance comes up for renewal, your insurance company will normally request your motor vehicle driving record (MVR). Since your MVR is public information in CA and you are not eligible for Traffic Violators School (TVS), there are no barriers to block the insurance companies from finding out about the violation and increasing your rate.

What’s more, if the insurance company decides to retain you, it will not be a small increase. Although CA is a mandatory insurance state, no law requires an insurance company to maintain your policy. You might have seen the TV ad for accident forgiveness, which isn’t available in CA, but there is no ticket forgiveness. Therefore, they are likely to double or triple your premium, even for the first offender.

The average Californian pays $1960 per year for auto insurance. Doubling that premium would cost $3,920, and tripling it is $5,880. Now, multiply those by seven, the number of years you will pay the increased rate. The results are staggering.

Speeding 100+ & NOTS

The CA Legislature and the Governor gave the DMV authorization to assess NOTS points with guidance from CVC 12810, Issuance and Renewal of Licenses. This traffic code specifies the assessment of two NOTS points for major infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Minor infractions and at-fault accidents get assessed one point.

When a driver reaches the limit of four NOTS points within a 12-month period, six within twenty-four, or eight within thirty-six, the DMV will mail an Order of Suspension and Probation. Your lifestyle will take a significant blow from the loss of your driver’s license. You depend on the ability to get around freely, especially in Owens Valley in Mono County. Public transportation is not readily available here, and your livelihood depends on being able to drive.

To avoid the suspension and probation, a driver must request a DMV Hearing within ten days, attend the hearing, and get the panel to remove points from your MVR. Although there is no requirement to have legal representation, a traffic ticket attorney knows which convictions can get removed, even those you paid a fine for due to changes in traffic code or technicalities.

Of course, the best method is not to get a speeding 100+ ticket or any traffic tickets in the first place.

How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket or Conviction

Avoiding a speeding ticket is not as simple as abiding by traffic laws. No matter how conscientious a driver is, we are human and make mistakes. Law enforcement officers (LEO) are human too. However, speeding 100+ mph is rarely a mistake; it is incredibly easy in the Mojave.

The wide-open spaces of the desert lead many drivers to believe they will see an LEO’s vehicle before they can catch them on radar or lidar. Others think there are a lot fewer LEOs out there. That kind of thinking could cost tens of thousands of dollars if caught and convicted.

Another option is to consult with a traffic ticket attorney to avoid conviction.

Call & Consult with a Traffic Law Professional

Getting convicted of speeding 100+ mph can ruin your life. Even those who can readily afford a $900-2500 fine will find it difficult dealing with the additional consequences of NOTS points, double or tripled insurance premiums, and a 30-day loss of driving privileges.

Many found guilty of speeding 100+ mph thought they were smart enough to represent themselves, were convicted, and could not afford the increased premiums. What they didn’t understand is the deck is stacked against them. The pace of traffic court is unlike any other that you have witnessed on TV or even a real criminal court. Why do you think most lawyers who practice other areas of law hire a traffic law professional to defend their driving privileges?

When charged with speeding through the desert, whether you are liable, or the charge is off-base, you need experienced, well-rounded representation, call Bigger & Harman, (661) 349-9300. Se habla Español 661.349.9755. We resolve all tickets using a standard fee, regardless of the number of hours required for resolution, your fee is the same. Call us today for no obligation and no surprises.

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