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Caught Driving 100+ MPH?

In many states including California, speeding is a relatively minor traffic offense when your speed is less than 20 mph over the limit. But, maybe this is one of those times when you’re caught doing a much higher speed. It’s painfully clear that “I was late for work” isn’t going to cut it as an excuse for doing 100+ mph. 

Driving 100+ MPH Through Owens County on Interstate 395 in Inyo County, California

Typically, driving 100+ mph will result in a ticket from a law enforcement officer (LEO) and hefty penalties from a traffic court judge if convicted. Although the natural beauty of Mount Whitney, Death Valley, and many other sights in Owens Valley may distract you, when driving I-395 in Inyo County CA, watch your speed to avoid tickets, fines, a possible 30-day suspension, and a substantial increase in your insurance costs. 

When driving through Owens Valley, there are ways drivers can prevent receiving a speeding ticket. Obey the speed limits. Many speed limits quickly drop when the grade of the hill or mountain warrants a slower speed. The speed limit also drops close to city limits. Therefore, the speed limit could drop by 30 mph to 25 or 35 mph. 

Most often, LEOs use a radar gun to measure speed. The reading on the radar gun will determine your speed. Just because there’s a lot of wilderness and desert stretches along I-395 does not mean there are not LEOs patrolling or waiting around the next bend in the road. 

Many communities in Inyo County depend on the income produced by speeding tickets, and it’s a billion-dollar industry for the state treasury.

What You Can Expect from a 100+ MPH Speeding Conviction

First, a speeding ticket for 100+ mph carries a court appearance for either you or your lawyer. It is an approximate 4 ½ hour drive from either Los Angeles or Las Vegas to Bishop or Independence County Traffic Courts. Many tourists from those locations come up to Mammoth for the skiing and go home with a ticket as a souvenir. Since most counties in CA maintain jurisdiction for traffic tickets, you will need to hire a lawyer or take two days off from work to return to resolve your ticket. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of the nightmare for those who choose to represent themselves and get convicted.

According to CA Vehicle Code (CVC) 22348Speed Laws, a conviction will result in a base fine of between $300 and $500. However, once you add in the ten state and county assessments, your total fine could be $900 to $2600, a 30-day driver’s license suspension, two Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points, and thousands more in increased insurance. After a conviction, your auto insurance will double or triple…if they continue to insure you at all. Although there’s no guarantee that a lawyer can get your ticket dismissed or reduced to a one-point speeding violation, the chances of either of those if you just pay the fine is zero.

Speeding 100+ mph is a major infraction which will stay on your driving record for up to seven years. Plus, if you try to represent yourself, you are liable to incriminate yourself, and you might hear the judge say, “Guilty! If you have your license with you, hand it to the bailiff. You won't need it for the next 30 days. Pay the court clerk $900. Next!" Some judges will let you keep your driver’s license long enough to drive home.  

Inyo County Traffic Ticket Defenders

Bigger & Harman frequently represent Inyo County residents in Bishop and Independence Traffic Courts. They have an excellent reputation for getting 100+ mph speeding tickets dismissed or reduced for their clients. Call (661) 349-9300 today if you need help to resolve a traffic ticket. This call could save you money immediately with no fine or a lower fine, and only a moderate increase in your insurance premium if the charge gets reduced to speeding less than 100 mph. And, if it gets reduced below 25 mph over the limit, you are eligible for traffic school, and attendance will mask the conviction to your insurance company, so no increase. Still think it is cheaper to just pay the fine and move on?      

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