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When Is Fighting A Ticket Worth ItIf One Is Not Careful...

Could it be that fighting a ticket in the state of California is a waste of one's time and effort? Or, do some drivers believe the state is so busy that it will not notice if they do not show up for a court hearing? When you get a ticket, your signature on the ticket is the same as entering into a contract with the state. Basically, you are giving the state your word that you will appear on the appointed date for trial.

Driver's License Suspension for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) tracks traffic ticket conviction for infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies while driving. However, drivers with a CDL are held to a higher standard. It is almost as if the state figures that they spend so much time on the road, they need to be more careful. And, in most cases, commercial drivers are more careful, they understand it is their livelihood. So, even though a one-year suspension for a first offense seems strict, a very small percentage of commercial drivers get wrapped up with offenses that include driving under the influence (DUI), driving with a BAC of 0.04% or more, committing a felony with their commercial motor vehicle (CMV), or driving while their CDL is suspended or revoked.

Failure to Appear (FTA) for a Court Date

Many offenders make the mistake of thinking it is no big deal to skip court, especially if the offense occurred out of state. Once the ticket is issued, the case is active, and the offender is required to appear in court if it is stated on the ticket or they do not settle their fine beforehand. Failure to appear can immediately suspend your license and turn your fine into the thousands.

Fighting a Ticket: 100 MPH Speeding Tickets

Another serious charge with heavy consequences is speeding more than 100 mph. The first offense has a mandatory court appearance. A fine will be up to $1000, a 30-day license suspension and two points on the DMV driver's license record. Fighting a ticket is worth it because a good traffic ticket attorney could get the charges dismissed, sometimes, get the fine reduced, or get you probation instead of a suspension. Because the offense is very serious, you should be represented when you go to court. In courts all over California, judges are now enforcing the 30-day suspension for those convicted of speeding over 100 mph, particularly those without representation or a good legal defense.

Not a Good Defense

Some believe fighting a ticket and telling the judge, “I was just keeping up with traffic”; “I was passing an 18-wheeler and didn’t realize I was going that fast”, or “I was out there on I-15 in the desert and just didn’t think there was any harm. It was a clear night with no traffic, what was the harm?”

These are all just excuses and not a legal defense, but they are an admission of guilt.

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Frequently, police officers cannot make it to court due to other commitments or there could be a DMV technicality, which could lead to a dismissal if you a good traffic ticket attorney to represent you. Bigger & Harman are traffic defenders that work within the system nearly every day. They know what will work for you and what will work against you. When fighting a ticket, you want Bigger & Harman defending you. They have disputed and avoided points on more than 2000 traffic tickets in California courts! Call today.

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