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The Cost Of Speeding Through Kern CountyKern County Court in Shafter, CA

The total cost of speeding through Kern County may force a driver to spend thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance premiums. Speeding over 100 mph means high-risk for some insurance companies and some have a policy not to insure high-risk drivers. Even for those with a perfect driving record, a conviction for over 100 mph could mean a 30-day suspended license as well.

In Kern County Court in Shafter, as well as Kings County Court in Hanford, the cost of traffic tickets can limit your driving, which may disrupt your daily life significantly.

Speeding in Excess of 100 MPH

According to California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 22348b, driving in excess of 100 mph carries some very heavy penalties. First, you will pay the “basic” fine, which according to law cannot exceed $500 for a first-time conviction, and goes up after each conviction, but the total will likely be much closer to $900 depending on which county you are convicted. Every county in CA has the right to add assessments, penalties, and surcharges. Second, you will have two points added to your driving record. You are only allowed four points in one year before your license is suspended. Next, you will pay an increased insurance premium. Additionally, you are not authorized to attend traffic school for this offense, but you or your attorney must attend traffic court to dispatch the offense.

30 Day Suspension of License

Furthermore, the traffic commissioner in King County has told the attorneys he plans to suspend licenses for 30 days for those convicted of speeding over 100 mph. Therefore, if you decide to go it alone without representation, you may hear the judge say, "A 30-day license suspension will go into effect on Saturday at 5 PM."

The 30-day suspension can be given by any traffic court in California because of a conviction of speeding over 100 mph even first-time offenders, but this is increasingly the norm rather than the exception for those who are convicted.

Do Not Drive After Suspension

In Shafter Court 2, as well as other California courtrooms across the state, under the CVC Section 14601, it's a criminal offense if the driver is aware he/she has a suspended or revoked license but is driving anyway. When you get caught, you will face: At least five days in the county jail up to 6 months, a minimum fine of $300 up to $1000 before penalties and assessments for first-time offenders.

FREE, no Obligation Initial Consultation

Finally, because of the penalties that come with speeding over 100 mph or driving with a suspended license, you should contact a traffic ticket attorney. If you have received one of these violations, hiring a lawyer to fight them for you is one of the first steps. It may be one of the wisest decisions to make regarding your driving record and the content of your wallet.

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