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Let's face it, going faster than the speed limit is fun, and if you’re from California you probably already know how easy it can be to open it up a little our there in the desert. Long strips of desert road are just begging for you to push your speedometer into the triple-digit range. However, if you do, I hope you have lots of money and someone to drive you around after they fine you and take your license in traffic court.

Speeding in the Mojave Desert

Surrounded by nothing but sand and stunning rock formations, blasting through the Mojave Desert is an experience most people from California have experienced at one time in their life, mostly when they were younger and felt invincible. Nothing is more remarkable than flying through this barren wasteland and seeing it all pass you by in a blur. There are not enough law enforcement (LE) officers to cover all that space out there in the desert. Thinking that could easily lead you down the road to the temptation of revving your engine and hitting your car manufacturer’s speed cap.

Speeding on I-15

This major highway from Los Angeles and other southern California cities to Las Vegas is known for motorists who treat it like a race track. Getting closer to the temptations of Sin City, it is not uncommon for drivers to “press the pedal to the metal” and begin tipping one-hundred miles per hour. Police in recent years have been cracking down on motorists that abuse this strip of highway and will hand out pricey tickets to those who break the law.

I Lost My Driving Privileges Because of Speeding

Pushing the speedometer to 120 miles per hour led me to lose my driving privileges due to a speeding ticket of over 100 mph on I-15 in California. Racing my 2016 Nissan GT-R through mostly empty highway lanes at over 120 mph was fun and exciting at the time, but it is clear now how shorted-sighted I was. I lost my license for 30 days and a lot of hard-earned cash due to this incident, and I must say the cheap thrills were very expensive and not worth it.

Going above the speed limit is fun, but the consequences can be severe. It’s too easy to do in California, but getting a ticket, and as in my case losing my license, can make you think twice about speeding through the desert; it’s too easy to get caught.

Bigger & Harman, Expert Traffic Ticket Defenders

A professional traffic ticket attorney can go to court for you, even when your ticket says you must appear. Bigger & Harman may be able to get you reduced charges, a dismissal, probation instead of a license suspension or jail time, and help you avoid higher insurance rates or points on your license. Although there are no guarantees, your chances are much better with a qualified traffic ticket lawyer.

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