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Getting A Speeding Ticket While Many people believe that going with the flow is an acceptable excuse when those flashing blue lights come on, they find out quickly enough when they receive a speeding ticket that it is not. I see folks every day pulled over along Highway 58 in San Luis Obispo County, and many I talk to have said they felt they were going with the flow of traffic.

I Got a Speeding Ticket on Highway 58

I got a speeding ticket on Highway 58 the other day. I'll lay the groundwork out for you. I was minding my own business and generally going with the flow of traffic on Highway 58 in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County, in California. The weather was nice, and I had the top down. The rest of traffic was cruising along, and I was keeping up nicely although I knew I was speeding. When I looked up in my rear-view mirror, that's when I saw them: blue lights! After pulling my car to the shoulder, I explained to the officer that I had just been keeping up with traffic. He was not too amused and cited me anyway. Unfortunately, a speeding ticket regardless of the circumstances is still your personal responsibility.

San Luis Obispo County Court in California

San Luis Obispo County Court in California is located in San Luis Obispo, California. The court handles all forms of traffic infractions and violations. If you receive a violation in San Luis Obispo, you will either pay your citation at this address or online, or you will attend court on your specified day. If you need to contact the court for any reason, call (805) 781-5143. Or just call Bigger & Harman to represent you.

100 MPH Speeding Ticket

A 100 MPH speeding ticket in any state, especially California can be costly indeed. This ticket can be as expensive as $1000, depending on prior convictions in this state, and could be lead to a license suspension in the event you are convicted of this traffic violation.

Speeding tickets can be very costly and should be avoided at all costs. In California, it is imperative that you understand that going with the flow of traffic does not necessarily mean you are within the law, you are definitely not. A traffic citation such as a 100 MPH violation, could end up costing you two points on your license, a 30-day suspension even for a first offense, and a lot of money in the long run, including higher insurance rates if you can find a company to insure you because you are now a high-risk. Even though insurance is mandatory in California, there is no law that says an insurance company must insure you and if they don’t you will be walking. Understanding the posted speed limit signs could help you avoid these errors.

Bigger & Harman, APC

No one likes to get ticketed by law enforcement officers in California, for speeding or any other traffic offense. However, we know it happens and when it does happen you should call Bigger & Harman.

When you need assistance with a speeding ticket of over 100 mph, FTA, or another traffic ticket in San Bernardino, Kern, Kings, Riverside, or other south-central valley counties, call the traffic ticket defenders at Bigger & Harman for expert traffic ticket advice. Call, 661-349-9300 and explain your circumstances or email their office Not every traffic ticket is worth fighting but for those that are, we are the team you can count on.

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