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The Danger Of Slow Trucks In Fast TrafficSpeeding vehicles are not the only danger on the highways throughout Kern County. Sometimes it is the slower vehicles that can pose a big risk for accidents. There is a real danger of slow trucks on California highways and for good reason. Commercial truck drivers cannot afford to get speeding tickets that could cost them their jobs if they exceed their points and lose their license.

Understanding the California Speeding Laws

Big trucks are required to go slower on the California highways than other vehicles. Due to the high weights of commercial trucks and heavy loads, the stopping distance for these behemoths is much longer than a passenger car or truck. According to the State of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, any truck towing a trailer or truck with three or more axels has a maximum speed limit of 55 MPH on most highways.

This means when you are cruising along at 65-70 MPH on I-5, there is a danger of slow trucks on the road. These large commercial trucks can be traveling 10-15 MPH below the limit for other vehicles. If you do not factor in how much slower those large trucks are moving, you could end rear-ending a big truck and putting your life at risk.

Better Slow Than Stopped

Commercial truck drivers have a tough time in California. They must adhere to the law, but every time they drop their speed, they are losing money. In states like Arizona, commercial trucks are allowed to go the same speed as other vehicles, up to 75 MPH on some freeways. In California, they must slow down or risk the penalties that come with receiving a commercial speeding ticket.

For truck drivers, the speed limits in California can put them between a rock and a hard place. They need to get their loads delivered on time to make a living. But get caught going above the speed limit, and there is a price to pay. Not only in fines and higher insurance, but the possible risk of losing their license. CDL truck drivers get 1.5 times the points on their license for speeding tickets compared to other drivers and do not have the option of taking a class to remove the infraction. So, the next time you see a slow truck on the freeway, give them space and a thumb’s up for trying to be safe and stay employed.

CA CDL Speeding Ticket Attorneys

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