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Commercial Drivers Every Point CountsAs a commercial truck driver, your driver’s license is connected to your livelihood. Losing it or having it suspended is not an option if you want to continue earning a living. The California point system can quickly put your income at risk. Since traffic school is not an option to remove points from infractions, every point is worth fighting to keep off your record.

All drivers in California need to be concerned about point accumulation on their driving record, but it is more difficult for commercial truckers. First, you spend more time on the road than most drivers. Secondly, there are infractions that only apply to large trucks, like log book and large load violations. Thirdly, taking a class to avoid a point isn’t available, so every point counts toward a possible suspension.

Fighting Every Ticket Is Worth the Investment

Points can add up fast when you are on the road sixty to seventy hours a week. Every ticket is worth fighting to avoid points that could lead to license suspension. A suspension is one thing, but even one ticket can make a huge difference in whether a good employer wants to keep you on or the insurance on your rig goes through the roof.

Since the stakes are higher for you as a commercial driver, you need to look at every option in avoiding a new ticket on your record. Having an experienced lawyer on your side that knows the California commercial traffic laws inside and out can give you an edge on beating almost any ticket. From overweight loads and lane changes to speeding and log book infractions, you need a lawyer that can do the needed research to find a way to get as many tickets dismissed or reduced as possible.

When it comes to protecting your job, you need to be proactive in keeping driving points off your record. Even if it is your first ticket, it probably will not be your last, so fighting to keep it off your record is worth every penny. In the long run, it can protect your job and keep you on the road.

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