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Speeding Through Fresno Can Cost You PlentyThe Trouble with Speeding California Freeways

Too many young drivers get their license in Fresno every year and have the urge to go out cruising on 99 the second they get it. And yet, there are several dangers associated with speeding these new drivers are not aware of, yet.

These are the same roads the young James Dean met his end on SR-46 (then 466). Of course, James “Little Bastard” Dean was a racing enthusiast. He raced at Santa Monica, Bakersfield, and his final race was on Memorial Day 1953 in Santa Barbara, but he wouldn’t back off from “street racing” challenge either.

That summer as Dean was filming East of Eden, Warner Bros. had it written into his contract that he was not to participate in racing. That fall, he bought a new Porche Spyder, which when he showed it to Alec Guinness, the actor said, "If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week."

Seven days later, James Dean started his fateful day with coffee and donuts in Hollywood before setting out for the raceway in Salinas, on US-99 through the Grapevine, over to Bakersfield, and on to Salinas. Dean was ticketed for 65 in 55 mph zone on the Grapevine, along with his friend, Bill Hickman, who was trailing him in a station wagon pulling the car’s trailer. He was also ticketed for 65 in a 45-mph zone because he was hauling the race car’s trailer. It’s rumored the law enforcement (LE) officer was being nice to the “big star” who was actually going much faster.

Later, on his way to Salinas, Dean turned off on 166 to avoid the 25-mph zone in Bakersfield and head to 466 instead. Dean would meet his fate at the junction of 466 and 41 when another driver speeding along in a Ford Tudor hit Dean almost head on, both were reportedly going over 80 mph and Dean’s car rolled over several times before coming to a stop. Both the other driver and Dean’s passenger, a Porche mechanic, Rolf Wütherich lived, but Dean was dead on arrival at the Paso Robles Hospital at 6:20 pm exactly seven days after Mr. Guinness’s prediction.

The Trouble with Speeding on SR-99 in Fresno

Many drivers, experienced and inexperienced alike will tempt fate exceeding the speed limit on Cali’s freeways, but if you get caught, it’s anything but free. Your basic ticket, 1-15 mph over will cost you $234.00. And, the faster you go the more it will cost you, both in fines and increased insurance premiums.

That's the low-side of speeding, what about the high-side, speeding over 100 mph, which can be a crippler for the young driver or even a middle-aged wage earner. You’re looking at fines, fees, and surcharges that will cost you a minimum of $800.00 and up to $2600.00. Not to mention increased insurance premiums if you can get someone to insure you. Your current carrier must continue to cover you until your policy expires, but what about after that? There are laws requiring you to have insurance in CA, but none requiring an insurance company to cover you.

The Real Trouble with over 100 MPH on SR-99

When you go to court in Fresno, it would be wise to hire a local traffic lawyer to represent you. Traffic court goes really fast and things can go dreadfully wrong in a hurry. This is not to scare you into hiring a lawyer, this is a fact. Just go down to the courthouse at 2317 Tuolumne Street, sit in the gallery, and you will see exactly how fast things go. Another thing you will see is that those who are not represented by legal counsel when ticketed for over 100 mph are often fined the maximum fine, plus $100 for every mile an hour over 100. Then you’ll hear the real problem when the judge asks the convicted driver if they have their license with them. If the reply is yes, the judge will likely say, “Please hand it to the bailiff, your license is hereby suspended for 30 days!”

Speeding is a danger everyone needs to be aware of, even when getting a ticket seems painful and expensive, it just might be the caution every driver needs. Drivers need to be very alert when driving through Fresno on SR-99.

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