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The Best Way To Handle A Trucking Speeding TicketTraffic Court in Bakersfield in Kern County, California

Interstate 5, or I-5 in the central valley of the state of California is one of the most traveled freeways in the country. Hundreds of drivers are stopped each day, for one reason or another. The best way to handle a trucking speeding ticket? Hire a local traffic ticket attorney to represent you.

Bakersfield is one of the main agriculture areas in the state. Commercial trucks are the norm along this I-5 busy freeway. Many moving to and from two of the busiest ports in the free world. A trucking speeding ticket may lead to negative points assessed due to conviction, which leads to higher fleet insurance premium for employers and can mean trouble for the trucker, possibly a job termination due to a revoked or suspended CDL. The need to keep commercial truckers on the road, distributing products up and down this valley, especially of grapes, vegetables, and other fruits is essential to our economy.

When you enter traffic court in Bakersfield in Kern County, you should bring a local traffic ticket attorney that knows CA Vehicle Code (CVC) and the obstacles truckers face. After all, you wouldn’t hire a taxi driver to drive your 18-wheeler, would you? Then, why hire a divorce lawyer to represent you in traffic court? “Cousin Vinnie” may be a great divorce lawyer, but he’ll be as lost as a taxi driver in a big rig in traffic court.

The Peculiarities of a Trucking Speeding Ticket for CDL Holders

Although traffic school can make a speeding ticket confidential for the regular driver, it doesn’t have that effect for a commercial driver. CDL holders take the full brunt of the speeding ticket fine, must notify their employer of the conviction, and are assessed 50 percent more Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) points than their non-commercial driving contemporaries.

In addition, while a regular driver get forgiveness when they pay for and complete traffic school, the commercial driver that exceeds 15 mph over the speed limit is a Federal serious violation and just two such convictions will lead to a 60-day suspended license and a third will give the driver 120 days with no license and no chance to earn a living for their family.

Although radar is most popular, the police in CA use a variety of methods to track and ticket your speed, thousands per day on I-5 alone, including pacing, aircraft with pacing (using aircraft alone is not very accurate and entrapment), and laser. These methods are not foolproof, but most people don’t bother to fight their tickets believing it will cost more to hire a lawyer. However, truckers do not have the luxury of just paying a ticket that could cost them their job. And, everyone figured in the rise in your insurance premiums, hiring a lawyer to get the charge dismissed or the fine reduced makes a lot more sense in the long run.

Driving defensively and carefully is sound advice for all drivers. Commercial truckers must be even more cautious to keep their license in good standing, keep their jobs, and our economy flowing.

Bigger & Harman, The Truckers’ Advocate in South-Central Valley

If you were given a trucking speeding ticket, the best way to handle it is to fight the ticket. You can hire Bigger & Harman to represent in court and you won’t even have to attend court, so your employer does not have to know you received a ticket. Yes, on the outside chance of a conviction, you will still have to notify your employer within 30 days. Give Bigger & Harman a call. They will set you up with an appointment to discuss the details of your ticket and give you a recommendation. The initial consult is free and confidential. In Mono, Kern, Kings, Inyo, or other south-central valley counties, you can depend on the knowledgeable courtroom presence of Bigger & Harman, your traffic ticket defense team. You can contact them by email, or call 661-349-9300.

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