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100-MPH-Ticket On Hwy 99 In VisaliaWe were traveling from Tulare to Fresno to meet her parents for dinner. We weren’t in a hurry or anything because we had plenty of time to get there. In fact, I thought we were just keeping up with traffic. Everybody seemed to be going 85 or 90 mph on Highway 99 North.

We had just passed the East-West intersection with 198 close to Visalia and I started to pass a tandem tractor-trailer, who had just pulled onto the highway from the entrance ramp. Even though we weren’t in a hurry, I still didn’t want to be stuck behind a truck that can’t exceed 55 mph. Just then, I heard the siren and saw the flashing lights. Well, well, well, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky, I didn’t even see a law enforcement (LE) vehicle up until then, nor had I looked down at my speedometer until now. I was shocked to see I was doing just over 100 mph and thought, OMG, this is going to be expensive.

The LEO was very courteous when he asked me if I knew how fast I was going. I didn’t want to admit I knew I was doing over 100 mph, so I said, “Well, officer, I was pretty much keeping up with traffic until I sped up to pass that tandem trucker coming onto the freeway and then I saw your lights come on. At that time, I looked down at my speedometer and saw I was doing 98 or 99 mph.” He kind of chuckled and said, “Yeah, the flashing lights tend to make everyone look down at their speedometer. But, either yours is off or you misread it. I have you on the radar at 106.” What choice did I have? I signed the ticket and kept going to Fresno.

Dinner and Some Good Advice

Before we even ordered, my wife told her mother what had happened and my brother-in-law Buck said, “You signed the ticket? You just admitted you are guilty!” I looked him and asked, “Buck, do you ever read anything besides girly magazines? Signing the ticket is just your promise to the State of California that you will appear in court. If you don’t sign, the police will take you to jail.”

My father-in-law chimed in and said, “You know I got a speeding over 100 mph ticket about five years ago and I called Bigger & Harman. They handled everything, I didn’t even have to go to court. It still cost me a lot of money, but I'm sure it was a lot less than if I had just paid the fine. You should give them a call.”

100 MPH Ticket? You Need a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

When you require legal representation after receiving a 100 mph ticket in Visalia in Tulare County, as well as in Kern, Kings, or San Bernardino Counties in south-central CA, call Bigger & Harman. A 100 mph ticket is a serious offense for which you need representation to avoid thousands of dollars in fines, a 30-day license suspension, and an extreme increase in your insurance premium if your insurance company will continue to insure you after you are convicted.

A conviction of speeding on an over 100 mph ticket will put you in a high-risk category and your insurance company may determine it is not worth the risk to continue your policy. You see, although insurance is mandatory in CA (unless you post a surety bond of $35,000), there is nothing that requires an insurance company to insure you. In fact, some insurance companies make it a prerequisite for you to pay the full cost of annual coverage up-front.

Call Bigger & Harman for a free initial consultation before you decide what to do. When you just pay the fine, you are pleading guilty to speeding over 100 mph, which could double or triple your insurance premium, the DMV will give you two points on your license, which will stay there for seven years, and your license will likely be suspended for 30 days.

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