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Bad Driving Record And A TicketWhen it comes to having total freedom, the ability to hit the open road is one of the very best solutions to a stress-filled week at work. Having a driver's license (DL) is a privilege, but too many people overlook the rules of the road while building up a bad driving record. Then they get that suspension notice from the DMV and they act surprised even though they have received multiple warning notices.

Have a Ticket and a Bad Driving Record in Kings County?

When you receive a traffic ticket in Kings County, you may not have to appear in traffic court in Hanford for minor violations. In many cases, Kings County traffic court allows the driver to go online to pay their fine for minor violations that do not require a court appearance in cases after 24 October 2014. It’s also possible to make payments, though you may need to speak with the court clerk, 559-582-1010 at ext. 6100 unless the payments are court ordered or approved. Although this process is very convenient for drivers, do not get stuck in the pattern of violating traffic law and expecting to be able to clear it up by making an online payment.

Another option is the Trial by Written Declaration (TBD). Read the details of how to do a TBD here on our blog.

For more serious offenses, it may be necessary to hire a local traffic ticket attorney to resolve your case satisfactorily. Getting too many points on your motor vehicle driving record will become an issue and it will eventually lead to a DL suspension. Many times, drivers receive a traffic ticket for making careless mistakes that could cost them a large fine, but there are consequences far worse.

Already Have Three NOTS Points?

Every time a driver is convicted on a ticket for a traffic violation, whether an infraction, a misdemeanor, or a felony, the driver collects points on his/her record. This is known as the Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS), which is a DMV program designed to provide drivers with warning notices about the status of their driving record after a conviction or at fault accident.

When you receive four points on your driving record, a probation period and a suspension are almost inevitable without legal help. If you have three points already when you receive another ticket, no matter what the offense, if even one point will be assessed upon conviction, you must hire a traffic ticket attorney if you want to avoid a DL suspension. At the very least, though it may not be the outcome you want, driving probation or a restriction period is better than a suspension. And, always, always, always request a DMV Hearing within the time-frame mentioned in the notice. A skilled traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you keep your license. It is possible for a traffic ticket lawyer to look at your record and dispute points at a DMV Hearing and help you keep your DL.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Central Valley, CA

In Kings County, CA, you have the option of hiring one of the best traffic ticket law firms in the state. Bigger & Harman only practice traffic law, no divorce court, no personal injury, just traffic court. Therefore, they know what is happening in traffic court, they know the LEOs, the court clerks, and the judges that will decide the fate of your driving record. Traffic law like every other form of law is decided by precedence; what happened in traffic court yesterday will decide the outcome of cases tomorrow and beyond.

For more than a decade, Bigger & Harman have been representing their clients in Central Valley traffic courts in Kings, Kern, Tulare, Fresno and others, as well as several SoCal counties such as Riverside, San Bernardino, and LA. This team of professional ticket lawyers has assisted more than 2000 drivers with monetary savings due to reduced charges, dismissals, and probation rather than a DL suspension.

It's time to stand and fight for your rights and Bigger & Harman are the best possible choice to represent you in traffic court. Call 661-349-9300 or email

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