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Rolling Through Stop Sign TicketAlthough many people tend to simply roll through stop signs, it has always been dangerous and now it is becoming extremely costly in California. This simple action could have larger repercussions on your life than you might have thought. Stop sign tickets are becoming increasingly popular and more expensive. California police are cracking down on stop sign offenders. If drivers decide to roll through an intersection, what is ironically referred to as a “California stop” will get them a stop sign ticket, which could cost $234, almost double what it was just ten years ago. Though the “base” fine is just $35, after adding state and county assessments, fees, and surcharges it will cost you nearly seven times the base fine.

CA Vehicle Code: Stop Sign Ticket

California Vehicle Code (CVC) 22450 requires drivers to make a complete stop at the stop sign limit line. If there is no limit line the driver is required to make a complete stop at the entrance of the intersection and prior to the pedestrian crosswalk if present. If a driver is convicted on a ticket, they will then get assessed one Negligent Operator Treatment System (NOTS) point on their driver’s license by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Traffic school is currently an option for a stop sign ticket, which is a moving violation, though it will likely cost you an additional $50 or $100. Yes, the court clerk will add $24 to your ticket and traffic schools normally cost $25 to $60. The DMV has a list of state-approved traffic schools here.

Kern County Courthouse

In Kern County, the officers have really cracked down on traffic violators and stop sign ticket are being given out for rolling through a stop sign. It is extremely important that drivers realize the severity of rolling through stop signs and take the extra few seconds to make a complete stop. Kern County takes pride in protecting their citizens and with strict regulations for traffic laws they attempt to uphold their mission “To Serve and Protect.”

Hire a Local Traffic Ticket Attorney

You should always contact a traffic ticket lawyer after receiving a stop sign ticket to get advice and counsel, particularly when you have NOTS points already or traffic school is not an option. It is their specialty and they can provide you with the legal advice you need to fight the ticket if necessary.

As a California Driver, you must take the law seriously. Not only does a ticket have a big fine and DMV assessed points but it could even require further time with traffic school, traffic court, or a DMV Hearing if you have accumulated too many NOTS points and a suspension is imminent. Take the extra time as a driver to be cautious and always come to a complete stop to avoid collisions, pedestrians, and fines.

Bigger & Harman, APC

Bigger & Harman, APC can represent you at a DMV Hearing or in traffic court when you need a lawyer to protect your driving privileges. It is possible for them to look over your driving record and dispute assessed points. You should never just accept a DL suspension without requesting a hearing with the DMV to review your record. The first thing you should do is order a copy of your driving record. You can do that by registering on, to order your Motor Vehicle Driving Record (MVR), fill-out the INF 1125.pdf, you can check the information yourself to ensure everything is up-to-date and accurate. Then bring it into the Bigger & Harman office with you.

When your DL is about to be suspended, you should take advantage of the Bigger & Harman offer of a FREE phone consultation, 661-349-9300. Bigger and Harman represent their clients in Central Valley traffic courts in Shafter, Bakersfield, Lamont, Bishop, Fresno and in SoCal courts in San Bernardino, LA, and Riverside Counties. Call the office, set up an appointment, use the contact form on the website, or email Read a write up about their law practice on, which is the leading legal website on the internet.

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