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Slow Down Part TwoIn a previous post, we examined restricted speed zones inside city limits, like school zones. But much of Central California is dominated by long stretches of highway, like the Grapevine that cuts over the mountains between Bakersfield and Los Angeles and Highway 395 that cuts a trail east of Sierra Nevada Mountains. Curiously, these two roadways have two different special speed zone issues.

Construction Zones

The construction zone law is VC 22362. In some states, workers don’t need to be on the scene for the reduced speed limit to be in force. But in California, workers must be present. This requirement is often a significant hurdle in court, because many judges want to see a work schedule for the day or some other evidence that provides proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Since construction workers may not work a normal 9-to-5 schedule, mere time of day may not be sufficient proof.

Moreover, there must be signs within 400 feet of each end that state the reason for the slowdown and the prescribed speed limit. It may be hyper-technical, but if the sign is 395 feet away or only says “Construction Zone Ahead,” the construction zone is illegal.

These citations are very common on the Grapevine, because it’s a long interstate highway that sees lots of large truck traffic, and therefore lots of wear and tear.

100+MPH Speeding

Further to the north, the wide open road that is Highway 395 makes some drivers want to push their cars a little and see what they can do. Or, they are so caught up looking at scenery that they do not notice their speedometers have inched up a little too high.

These are just two reasons that this area is a high-enforcement VC 22348(b) zone. The fine and penalty assessments start at $900 and increase substantially based on speed and prior convictions. This infraction also means mandatory license suspension and causes auto insurance rates to skyrocket for at least three years. An attorney can often get the charges reduced to regular speeding, which has a much lower fine, half as many points, no mandatory license suspension, and a lesser effect on auto insurance rates.

Getting Legal Help

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Nothing ruins the experience of the open road more than a 100+mph or construction zone speeding ticket on the Grapevine. To fight your citation, call us.

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