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Dear California DriverWith the possible exception of “Dear U.S. Taxpayer,” these may be the worst three words to see at the beginning of a letter, if you live in Delano or Ridgecrest.

If you need more evidence, just ask 75-year-old man in Thousand Oaks who was in two non-injury accidents earlier this year and then ran a red light. Because he had picked up three points in less than a year, he got a warning letter which stated that he was “among California’s worst drivers, one of those who cause the most crashes, injuries and deaths.” After listing some of the bad things that happen without a drivers’ license, the DMV urged the recipient to take corrective action “while you still have an unrestricted driving privilege” so as to “not get that next negligent-operator point on your driving record.”

The DMV said it would review the language in the warning letter.

Drivers’ License Suspension

After four points in twelve months, six in twenty-four months, or eight in thirty-six months, the state initiates NOTS (Negligent Operator Treatment System) license suspension; the suspension period is normally at least six months. The good news for commercial drivers is that they may get an extra two points before NOTS suspension; the bad news is that these drivers accumulate points at a 50 percent greater rate. Additionally, minors under 18 face a 30-day restriction after two points in twelve months and a suspension after three points in twelve months.

Common defenses at a NOTS hearing include the length of time between the points and any changed circumstances.

Medical license suspension actions are common as well. The DMV requires hospitals and doctors to report epilepsy, heart conditions, and other illnesses that may cause loss of consciousness, at least in many cases, and the DMV often tries to suspend licenses on this basis.

The best defense in these proceedings is often a before-and-after defense. For example, drivers may have epileptic seizures because they are not on their medication, had not been properly diagnosed, or were not on the correct medicine at the correct dosage.

Getting Legal Help

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