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Slow Down Part OneNo matter where drivers go in Central California, a special speeding zone is normally just around the corner or just around the bend.

Construction is nearly always in progress on at least some portion of high-use expressways, like the Grapevine, be they repair or expansion projects. In larger towns, like Fresno, there is either a school or a senior center in almost every neighborhood. And, at the rate California is growing, new such facilities pop up every year.

The speed limit rules in these areas go well beyond the numbers on the sign. What do prosecutors need to prove to make the tickets hold up in court?

Special Speeding Zones in Town

There are two common special speeding zones inside city limits, and they are on opposite ends of the age spectrum.

  • School zones are in effect when children are present. There must also be specific signage. One of the best defenses in these cases is to establish that there were no children near the street at the time, either because they were in class or that particular school wasn’t in session at that particular time.
  • The senior center law is fairly broad and can apply to any “facility primarily used by senior citizens,” which could include either a public or private gathering place. When the city or county declares a new senior citizen zone, sometimes drivers get a small grace period and sometimes officers start writing citations straightaway.

Fines and penalty assessments typically double in special speeding zones, so these tickets are very expensive. In a subsequent post, we’ll look at special speed zones on highways.

Getting Legal Help

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Fresno drivers should watch out for school zones and senior centers, because speeding ticket fines normally double in these areas. To fight your case, call us.

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