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Can You Fight A Driving Without Insurance TicketCA Vehicle Code (CVC) 16028

CVC 16028, Compulsory Financial Responsibility law in California states every individual driving a motor vehicle is required to present proof of insurance to all peace officers. A mobile device may be used for this purpose. In the instance of a notice to appear, written, or electronic evidence of insurance is required. This includes any employer-owned vehicles driven by the individual. In this instance, the proof must be supplied by the employer. The proof of insurance may be personally brought to the court or sent through the mail. A peace officer is prohibited from viewing any additional content on an electronic device when presented for proof of insurance. When individuals drive without insurance in California, they will receive a fine if convicted. The first offense carries a minimum fine of $100, and this can increase to $450-$500 with penalty assessments and additional fees. Subsequent offenses carry a fine of $900 to $2,500.

Action to Take If You Had Insurance but Could Not Find the Card

Driving without insurance in California is unacceptable and can be very expensive, particularly when there is an accident that causes damage or injuries. Every driver is required to always have proof of insurance in the vehicle. When the individual was unable to locate the insurance card at the time they were stopped, there are options. The first option is to appear in court with proof insurance in effect at the time of the incident. The second option is to mail the proof of insurance to the court with a fee of $25. If the individual sends in the proof of insurance, it does not arrive before the court date, and the individual does not appear in court, the total amount of the ticket must be paid. The best option is to remember driving without insurance is illegal in Tulare County and throughout California.

Action to Take If You Did Not Have Insurance

The penalties for driving without insurance in California are severe. A self-insurance certificate may be required from the DMV at a cost of a $35,000 cash deposit. Out of state drivers will receive a fine up to $200 for the first offense and up to $500 for the second, state and county penalties still apply for people from out-of-state and will raise the total price of the fine significantly. With additional fees, and penalties can total $450-$500 for the first offense, the vehicle can be towed, and the owner is responsible for all storage and towing fees. In the case of an accident, a license suspension of up to four years, and an SR-22 Proof of Financial Responsibility and high-cost SR-22 insurance policies are required, although there are inexpensive alternatives if you shop around. However, the best alternative is to hire a traffic ticket attorney to ensure you get the best advice available. This will provide the assistance necessary to avoid extreme penalties.

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