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Off The GridFord recently released footage of an F-150 Raptor taking on the Mojave Desert, and since the video was produced by the automaker, we can pretty much guess who won.

The video opens with stirring footage of the Mojave Desert, and then cuts to images of a F-150 rampaging across the desert floor and plowing through huge sand dunes. The pickup then crawls up a rocky mountain, flies across alkaline flats, and triumphantly does donuts on the desert floor. Finally, the F-150 mounts a sand dune in much the same way that Simba stood atop Pride Rock and looked down on the Circle of Life.

The manufacturer attributes the vehicle’s mastery over the Mojave Desert to military-grade aluminum, oversize racing shocks, and some other features that make it well worth the anticipated $50,000 price tag.

Federal Traffic Ticket

In the real world, an off-road adventure like this one will lead to a host of traffic tickets. Some people believe that the combination of a huge land area and limited park rangers in Death Valley means that the odds of being caught are very slim. But those Park Rangers have a tendency to know where the most fun can be had and to keep a close watch on things.

Basically due to environmental concerns, the rangers are very unforgiving about traffic violations in federal parks. Once these tickets go to the federal courthouse in Bakersfield, which is where they all end up, the judge and court staff are not much friendlier. Because the judge hears traffic tickets less than once a month, it is almost impossible to get the date rescheduled. Furthermore, in most cases, traffic school is not available in federal court.

When it comes to dealing with park rangers, you are on your own. But when the ticket goes to court, you do not have to be alone. Let an experienced lawyer appear for you and fight the citation, so you can save time and money.

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