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Top Speeding Ticket SpotsAs you drive on Chester Avenue, you may want to keep an eye on your speedometer.

Tickets are especially common between West Columbus and 23rd, because the traffic is heavy, many people are late for doctors’ appointments, and they speed up whenever possible. Police are often present at the intersection of Truxton and Pine, because of the large number of child pedestrians crossing the road. New Stine Road, Westside Parkway, and Panorama Drive rounded out the top five.

Last year, police issued roughly 20 speeding tickets a day in Bakersfield. However, that’s a low estimate that does not include CHP.

100+mph Infractions

Speeding at this velocity is rare in urban areas like Bakersfield and Fresno, but it is certainly not unheard of. The officer in the above story said that he once pulled over a vehicle for travelling 112mph near Chester Avenue.

VC 22348(b) citations are much more common along the Grapevine and on Highway 395 east of the Sierra Nevada mountains. With a minimum total bail fee (fines, penalty assessments, and add-ons) of $900, these tickets are close to twice as expensive as regular speeding tickets. They are also double the points (two instead of one), and some drivers will see their insurance rates double or even triple. Traffic school is normally not an option, and these infractions carry mandatory drivers’ license suspension.

Many times, the best approach to these tickets is to have the charges reduced to standard speeding, because the insurance penalties are so much less severe. In other cases, if there is a solid defense, the judge may throw out the ticket altogether. Either way, don’t leave this chance. Talk to an experienced traffic attorney.

Getting Legal Help

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