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The Trouble With TurtlesSince there is no way that stressed-out desert tortoises can evacuate the Mojave Desert on their own, the United States Marines will spend $50 million so they can be airlifted to safety.

The turtles’ primary habitat is right where the expanded Air Ground Combat Center, which will host brigade-level training exercises, will be built. So, spokesperson Cpt. Justin Smith says the Marines will evacuate 1,800 desert tortoises this spring. Drought, human presence, and disease have already combined to kill about 50 percent of the breeding adults over the past decade.

Some environmental groups are upset. They point to a 2008, $8.6 million tortoise relocation from around Barstow to the western Mojave Desert. Most of those turtles died within a year, due to coyote attacks. But the Marines promise that this time will be different. The Corps enlisted 100 marine biologists who will capture adult turtles, put transmitters on them, and send them to their new home. Another 235 hatchings will join them when they are strong enough to leave their pens.

The move is expected to take two to four weeks.

Handling Federal Traffic Tickets

Expanded armed forces presence in the High Desert also means more traffic tickets. Frankly, not very many lawyers handle these matters, because they are so procedurally complicated. Making matters worse, a lot of the rules are unwritten and known only to attorneys who regularly practice in the Bakersfield federal courthouse.

Since the judge only hears traffic tickets a few times a year, the clerks are very inflexible when it comes to scheduling. Your best move is to partner with an experienced lawyer who can appear for you.

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