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A Not So Merry ChaseA local motorcyclist led CHP officers on a high-speed chase that stretched from Corcoran in to Visalia in Tulare County.

An officer initially tried to stop 21-year-old Richard Quilantan for speeding on a county road. Instead of pulling over, Mr. Quilantan accelerated onto Highway 43. As the suspect moved into Kings County, officers called in a helicopter to assist in the chase, which at times exceeded 100mph. The pursuit continued for over a half hour, until Mr. Quilantan eventually pulled over and surrendered near the intersection of West Whitendale Avenue and South Court Street in Visalia. Mr. Quilantan, who was arrested in Exeter in January for driving on a suspended license following a DUI, said he fled from officers because he did not have a valid drivers’ license.

No one was hurt in the chase.

100+mph Tickets

VC 22348(b) is California’s version of the “super speeder” law that most states have. The fine and penalty assessments alone are $899 for a first offense at 101mph; the direct costs substantially increase based on higher speeds and prior convictions.

The direct costs alone are just the beginning. Insurance costs have been known to double or even triple. There is also a possible 30 day drivers’ license suspension; this infraction also counts two points against your license.

The best course in these cases is often to get the charges dropped to regular speeding. That violation is only one point, does not involve suspension, involves much lower direct costs, and does not cause insurance rates to increase as much.

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