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No Bones About ItThe revenue v. safety debate is alive and well in Mono and Inyo Counties, but on the other side of the country, Washington, D.C. has a number of new traffic laws which city officials admit are largely revenue-driven.

There are 146 red light cameras in the district which issued nearly 2.5 million citations last year, an average of four per resident. Under recently proposed rules, the $172 million in revenue they generated last year would almost certainly increase, because of more cameras and higher fines ($1,000 maximum). Other proposals include making school zone speed limits effective 24/7/365, whether children are present or not, and a 5mph speed limit if a peace officer is on the side of the road with flashing lights.

Mayor Muriel Browser insisted that the changes were needed due to “a renewed sense of urgency within our city.”

Revenue v Safety

In years past, traffic laws and enforcement patterns were always weighted in favor of roadway safety. Now, it appears that the pendulum in shifting, especially in cash-strapped jurisdictions like California, mostly due to spiraling penalty assessments. The laws are not the only change. Many officers are under pressure from above to issue citations in situations that probably call for a “go forth and sin no more” warning.

All of these factors put CHP officers and motorists on Hwy 395 in a difficult situation. The long, lonely stretches between Bishop and Independence are pretty much meant for high speeds. But policy created by Sacramento dictates that speed tickets be issued. This is where you need a dedicated traffic lawyer who knows the courts to represent you on your ticket.

Getting Legal Help

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