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Eyes UpWhen it comes to issues like driverless cars and cellphones, the law is not in sync with technology in Lamont and Bakersfield. The same phenomenon is occurring in the UK, albeit on a much different level.

There are about six million surveillance cameras in Great Britain; over the last several years, the number of automated license plate readers (ANPR) has mushroomed. The government’s database currently consists of 22 billion license plate reads, and that figure could balloon to 77 billion, if a proposed rule change takes place. Civil libertarians are also upset for other reasons: the system tracks vehicles in real time and compiles travel histories. Additionally, local governments use the system to issue parking tickets and thus generate revenue.

In a report to the Home Secretary, UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter admitted to “overzealous use of static and mobile” ANPR devices.

Next Wave of Automated Enforcement

ANPR devices sound incredibly intrusive, but in fact, they are little more than next-generation automated Lidar devices. And, as fears of attacks by ISIS and other radical groups accelerate, it is only a matter of time before these devices are mounted alongside traffic lights at intersections throughout California unless those for limited government and civil liberties stand together.

In a similar vein, we have devoted quite a bit of space to speeding enforcement cameras. When they are rolled out on a large scale, and it is only a matter of time before that happens, authorities will use the lessons learned in the red light camera debacle to deal with the inevitable public anger.

The Vehicle Code must be changed to accommodate license plate readers and speeding cameras, but private contractors easily pushed through an amendment to legalize red light cameras, so it is reasonable to assume they can do the same thing again.

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