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GuaranteedA borderline illegal device promises that lead-footed motorists along the Grapevine or Highway 395 will not receive speeding tickets.

As the name implies, the Escort 360 sniffs out Radar and Lidar beams emitting from the front, sides, and rear of a vehicle. The manufacturer claims it also detects red light cameras, speeding cameras, and helicopter or airplane Radars. The device also uses a GPS locator to reduce the number of false positives, so the more frequently you travel a certain section of road, the more accurate it gets.

There is a guarantee that the maker will pay any speeding tickets the owner receives; not surprisingly, the details regarding this alleged guarantee are rather sketchy.

Radar Detector Law

These devices are legal in California, although there are several rather significant limitations.

First, under VC 26708, it is illegal to hang anything from the windshield “that obstructs or reduces the driver’s clear view through the windshield or side windows.” While it is debatable whether or not a Radar detector that is mounted with suction cups inhibits a driver’s view, an officer will almost certainly issue a citation if given the opportunity. However, an attorney can effectively use this defense in court and in pretrial negotiations.

Second, it is illegal for commercial drivers to use or possess Radar detectors, at least in most cases. Special rules apply to commercial drivers in other areas as well, most notably with regard to points accumulation.

Finally, although it is not an issue with the above-referenced device, VC 28150 makes it illegal to use any Radar scrambler. This provision might also apply to cars with auto-drive functions that automatically slow the vehicle if there is Radar or Lidar in use nearby.

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